A week of lasts…

It’s been something of a sad week or so for us this last week.

Megan’s last ballet class; Aidan’s last regular swimming lesson; Megan’s last day at KindyRock; Megan’s last day at kindy; and Aidan’s last day at school. Ouch.

On a more positive note, we celebrated Aidan’s sixth birthday with an Explorer party at home with twelve other kids from his class. It was a chaotic couple of hours (complete with a “gold rush” in the Coromandel (garden), several games of Captain’s Coming round the North Island (lounge) and yummy pizza-making on the South Island (dining room) to name but a few. To top it off we had a map of New Zealand birthday cake – of which the South Island portion was consumed. We’ve save the North Island portion for his actual birthday. Great fun!

Last weekend, we had a fantastic time visiting friends in Pirongia – this included a lovely muddy walk down to the river and back up the other side, and lots of time relaxing as the kids ran around the farm, and Megan and Amy put on several dancing “shows” for us, with musical accompaniment from Aidan. We, none of us, wanted to say goodbye 🙁

We’re having a very quiet weekend just now – starting to list stuff on TradeMe, and slowly beginning to re-home the things we’ve acquired during our time here. It’s been an enlightening time – how little you actually need to survive, and which of the wealth of stuff – currently residing in our attic in Scotland -we actually use.

This week brings Aidan’s sixth birthday, and daily swimming lessons for each of the kids. The evenings are likely to be spent sorting through everything and working out where it all goes!