Spring coat, impetus, and invitation.

1)  “I’m wearing my spring coat today!”, she told me this morning.

2) I’m usually pretty good about getting the ironing done, but today the mountain (from our weekend away) defeated me. For a good couple of hours, the basket sat there watching me from the other side of the room.  Then K, very kindly, brought the ironing table and the iron to me. It was the impetus I needed. The ironing is now done 🙂 .

3) To receive a lovely invitation from a friend.

Happy, song, and quiet.

1) Hobbycraft opened today in our local retail park, and we spent a happy hour wandering around. There were many many excited “Mummy, look at this!” comments. M loved having her face painted, and A suddenly exclaimed “Mummy, this is like a dream come true!”. We did manage to restrain ourselves though: A only bought a 5-in-1 protractor; M, a rug for her doll’s house and some butterfly stickers; and me a giant set-square (for using while blocking my knitting) and a large star-shaped nozzle (for making churros).

2) Out driving this afternoon, a song comes on the radio that I haven’t heard since I was a teenager. It was fun to listen to it again, but it sounded so old-fashioned!

3) We three spend a peaceful hour together – M curled up on the sofa reading, A sews patchwork, and I iron.

Tea, success, and organisation.

1) Mount Crease, which was definitely of Munro proportions this week, finally dealt with, I sit down and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

2) In an attempt to find a different snack which the kids will eat, I make Welsh Cakes without the dried fruit.  They were a huge success (and will stand us in good stead for the journey tomorrow).

3) I spend today packing and getting organised for our weekend away.  It feels good to be this organised.

Enjoying the sun, spring cleaning, and stars.

1) Two workmen sat on the edge of the pavement, feet dangling in the trench they’d just dug, enjoying a break in the sunshine.

2) I washed the car, cleaned the oven, scrubbed the barbecue, re-potted some plants, watered the garden, and tackled Mount Crease! Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do!

3) Star-gazing this evening, it was so clear that we took the binoculars out – stunning views of the craters on the moon, the Pleiades, Aldebaran, and, of course, Jupiter and Venus.

Holding hands, not so dark, and helping hands.

1) A still insists on holding my hand as we walk to school. I think he’ll decide he’s too grown up for this soon, so I’m enjoying every moment while I still can.

2) I sit and knit as I wait for A’s skiing lesson to finish – it’s still light when it’s time to pick him up. Last time we were there, it was pitch black.

3) K carries the extremely heavy basket, full of ironed & folded clothes, upstairs for me 🙂 .

Purple-headed mountains, catching up, and easy option.

1) The Ochils had been painted a beautiful deep purple colour this morning. The children spotted this and were delighted.

2) To scale Mount Crease, and re-populate the clothes drawers.

3) To realise that we had a simple pasta supper option, as well as the more prolonged stir-fry option, at the end of a day which was somewhat more fraught than I’d originally anticipated.

Traffic jam, quick, and colour.

1) There’s a traffic jam this morning, and A points out a short-cut that I hadn’t thought of. I check the road, a quick U-turn, and we’re on the way again. Clever cookie my wee boy!

2) Mount Crease seemed too high to manage today, after our busy weekend away. I ironed away methodically, and it was done faster than I expected 🙂 .

3) My geraniums are in full bloom just now, adding a splash of colour to the garden.

Just made it! All done! and here!

1) Aidan was quite concerned this morning when K only just made his train. I pointed out that it didn’t actually matter whether he made it with moments or minutes to spare, the net result was the same – he was on the train. A was much happier then!

2) I came back from the meeting to find my ironing all done. Thanks very much Mum!

3) My cousin is visiting, and the kids are sooo excited to see her!