Muffins, taking responsibility, and blog.

1) Warm raspberry muffins, taken with tea, while visiting a friend.

2) A remembers that he needs to do his homework, and then goes and does it.

3) I discover a blog written by a wonderful lady who has spent the last six years living and working in the closest town to the village I lived in while I was in Kenya. Her photos and descriptions bring back many memories, and a tear to my eye.

Soft play, Home safe, and Tulips

It’s not often I don’t get time to get on mid-week, but yesterday was one of those days which was over in a flash and I can’t even remember why it was so busy!

But one thing stood out from yesterday: a friend I haven’t had a conversation with in nearly 15 years (she lives in rural Kenya) caught up with me on Facebook and we had a lovely chat! When I look back on that time in Kenya – no running water, no electricity, nearest telephone was 30km on mud roads away – to chat with her like this was awesome! I can’t wait until the time comes when I can take K and the kids out to visit!

On to today’s 3BT,

1) an afternoon in complete contrast to the crazy morning which preceded it: kids happily played at softplay for four hours(!!!) and we just relaxed and chatted and provided endless amounts of juice in between bouts of playing.

2) Mum and Dad are safely home again after being away for nearly a month exploring the Panama Canal.

3) Tulips.