Cute, exploring and making monday 2.

1) My two cute kids and their Enjoy-a-ball trophies for this week (note: A really did not want to have his photo taken today!).

2) A day spent exploring Edinburgh, included a visit to the National Museum of Scotland. We only managed a small fraction of it today, but it was really good!

3) We ended a lovely day with K’s delicious home-made pizza. Not sure if that counts as Making Monday post or not, as I didn’t make it! But the other thing we’ve been making today is plans. Plans for our holiday south in October, plans for going back to the National Museum of Scotland, plans to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia, plans to buy a new washing machine, plans to tidy the attic, plans for an early night…

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Walking, homey, and easy dinner.

1) A morning walk along the banks of the canal, enjoying the stillness after a busy weekend.

2) The kids come home for lunch today, it’s good to have their company.

3) Monday night seems to be traditionally a “tired night” in this house, so I’m really glad that tonight’s dinner tonight is easy – simply re-heating the Spinach, Potato and Goats’ Cheese tart I made on Saturday. This was easy to make, and delicious to eat – I can definitely recommend it!

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A new topic, all ready, and finished (well nearly!).

1) Natalie, over at The Yarn Yard has started a new topic called Making Monday in which we get to share some of the things we’ve been making over the last week. I love this idea, so here’s the main thing I made this weekend… The cake is vanilla buttermilk, with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant icing. Keith and I decorated it together…

Mum’s 65th Birthday Art Deco Cake

2) I organise the kid’s school bags and packed lunch boxes, in readiness for tomorrow – after eight weeks and ones day, school reopens after the summer holidays.

3) I complete knitting the sleeve I began before the summer’s madness descended and I ran out of time to knit!