Bargain, working again, inspired.

1) M has just started a new grade in ballet, which requires a complete (expensive) new uniform. I was very pleased to discover that her dance school has a fundraising website, selling used dance stuff. Last night I put in a request for a pair of character shoes in her size and was greatly surprised to discover them already waiting for her when she arrived at class this afternoon.

I was even happier to discover that they were a third of the price of buying them new 🙂 .

2) I spilled a few drops of tea onto the laptop this morning. I dried it off, but a few minutes later, the screen started to flicker in an alarming manner. I shut it down, turned it over, and left it to dry. When K came home, he opened it up, figured out where the tea had spilled, cleaned it, and I now have a working laptop again – thanks my love xx

3) A friend came round this evening and we talked about craft stuff, projects we’re planning, things we’d like to do. It was good, and I’m inspired 🙂 .

Looking after Daddy, fun, and stretch.

1) K woke up this morning suffering the effects of a nasty cold and fever. He had a shower, and then transferred to the guest room bed, while I got up, stripped our bed and put it in the laundry…  Both kids were extremely solicitous of their poor daddy and, at the school gate, M’s parting words to me were to instruct K to have a hot honey and blackcurrant drink – because he’s got a cold, and the drink is warm! 🙂

2) Working my way through my to-do list today, I realised that I had some more interesting items on it than just the usual laundry, cleaning and ironing (although there was plenty of that too!). My favourite item was to take the next major steps towards completing a project the whole family have been involved with (not that I can tell you what it is, as it’s a surprise for someone!). It was fun!

3) My Pilates teacher told me that I was looking quite tense around my shoulders, and had me sit on the floor while she performed a couple of stretches on my back. She must have done something right, because the release was instant 🙂 .

New week, new start.

At least I hope so!

1) The kids were in school, but K had the day off. We took ourselves off to Inchmahome Priory, which is situated on an island in the middle of the Lake of Menteith.  A brief boat trip, and then such a lovely quiet spot. We wandered around the island, then had a cup of tea sitting on a bench in the Refectory (which only has two walls remaining, and is open to the air!) as we read about the history of the priory.

2) M and I watch the Dr Who at the Proms this afternoon – although she has never seen Dr Who, she was enthralled by the music 🙂 .

3) A friend arrives bringing freshly picked blackberries – yum!

First day of school, 2013/2014

1) Summer holidays are over.  It’s been a lovely, busy, summer – lots of camping trips, time with friends, time relaxing and time working on our various projects.

2) It’s great to get back into routine again though :-).

3) Two happy children, all ready to start Primary 6 and Primary 4 (and growing up too quickly!) 🙂

First day of school (2013)Aidan (10) and Megan (7)


FO Friday 46

If I’m lucky, I’ll get this posted in time for FO Friday!

I finished the Enjoyaball Hat, and M gave it to her Enjoyaball teacher on Friday. I understand he was delighted, and plans to wear it when the weather turns colder 🙂 .

Enjoyaball HatEnjoyaball Hat

Enjoyaball Hat and card Hat with M’s thank you card

That’s all from me today, but if you’d like to see some more FO’s, why not head on over to Tami’s Amis?


New project, to bed, and refresh.

1) Today I cast on a new project. I love starting new projects; the anticipation, and then starting to see something I’ve envisaged taking shape.

2) To finally put a very tired small girl to bed, after a very exciting and busy couple of days. She did really well at her dancing display, but I’m glad it’s over for another year!

3) A long refreshing shower, after an evening spent in a hot changing room.

Music, growing, chatter, and last minute!

1) To remember to grab my headphones before leaving the house. Once I’d taken the kids to school I set off, listening to music as I walked along. It was exactly the start to the day I needed.

2) To go outside and check out on the vegetable bed and see the rows of green shoots poking through the soil – so much has come through during the few days we were away.

3) a) To listen to the three children in the back seat of the car happily chatting away about various school happenings, on the way home from M’s Dancing Display.

b) On the way to bed, A mentioned something about this year’s school Prize Giving. I explained that, as invitations are only issued to prize winners and we hadn’t received any notification that he’d won a prize this year, we had made no plans to attend. He looked confused for a moment and then explained he had won a prize*, and went on to produce a somewhat crumpled letter from the bottom of his school bag…

I’m just glad he remembered tonight, given that the Prize Giving is tomorrow evening! Thankfully K is able to go – M and I will be at the second night of the Dancing Display.

* For those interested, we are not told what the prize is until during the event.

Recover, new book, and questions.

1) My morning routine and walk to school were pretty relaxed this morning but, as I walked to and from school, I passed several poor parents shepherding screaming children to school and nursery*. I really hoped that, once they’d dropped the children off, they were able to go home, have a cup of tea, and recover from their fraught morning.

2) Upon opening her mail, M received a book sent to her by her NZ grandparents. She sat down to read it almost immediately, and was later heard exclaiming to K  “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve read my new book and it’s fantastic!”. Thanks Nan and Grandad! 🙂

3) It’s too warm and A can’t get to sleep. He curls up on the sofa, drinks a cup of hot chocolate, all the time asking questions about life, the universe, and everything.

* This is not a normal occurence… we must be getting close to the end of term!

Dancing Display 2013

Next week, Megan will be taking part in her ballet school’s dancing display.

Last night, while K and A were playing with computers, M and I had a mini hair-and-makeup dress rehearsal – I needed the practise! There won’t be much time on the night to get photographs, so here she is in all her costumes…

Megan – Tap costumeMegan - tap 2013Megan - Tap 2013

Megan – Jazz costume
Megan - jazz 2013Megan - more jazz 2013
Megan – Ballet costume
Megan ballet 2013Megan - ballet 2013
She’s one very excited little girl!!


An upside-down weekend.

With A away for the weekend, we wanted to spoil M a little – she was missing her big brother a lot 🙁 .

1) We made doughnuts for breakfast on Saturday, using my Nana’s recipe. They tasted as good as I remembered them tasting, even though we didn’t have a silver thimble to make the hole in the middle, and had to use a tiny cookie cutter instead.

In the evening, we went out for dinner, and then a walk along the canal. It was all very grown up, even if M did forget to bring her coat – she looked very cute dancing along in Daddy’s fleece though!

2) During the day, M helped me make Lemon Drizzle cake and Malteser slice, for church youth group on Sunday. We had a beautiful walk at Plean Country Park too – the rhodedendrons were blooming, and were glorious.

3) At Youth group this morning, we had a visit from a couple who spent 17 years living and working with a tribe living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. During that time they translated the New Testament into the local language – quite a feat, considering the language had never been written down before!  It was an absolutely fascinating talk – I could have listened to their stories for hours!

4) A arrived home mid-afternoon, having had a wonderful time at camp. My brother came over, and we took advantage of the lovely weather and had a barbeque for dinner. Two tired children are now in bed 🙂 .