Time, stretching, and missing Daddy.

1) This morning was the first “normal” morning that I’ve had in the last three weeks. It was good – I was able to get on top of the housework, and even found a little time to knit 🙂 .

2) I went to Pilates this afternoon, having missed last week because A was off school. It was hard work, but it felt so good to stretch and work the kinks out!

3) The kids have been super-good all week, but they are really missing their daddy, and there were tears from both before bedtime. So, cuddles and prayers, and reminders that it’s only two more sleeps…

Looking after Daddy, fun, and stretch.

1) K woke up this morning suffering the effects of a nasty cold and fever. He had a shower, and then transferred to the guest room bed, while I got up, stripped our bed and put it in the laundry…  Both kids were extremely solicitous of their poor daddy and, at the school gate, M’s parting words to me were to instruct K to have a hot honey and blackcurrant drink – because he’s got a cold, and the drink is warm! 🙂

2) Working my way through my to-do list today, I realised that I had some more interesting items on it than just the usual laundry, cleaning and ironing (although there was plenty of that too!). My favourite item was to take the next major steps towards completing a project the whole family have been involved with (not that I can tell you what it is, as it’s a surprise for someone!). It was fun!

3) My Pilates teacher told me that I was looking quite tense around my shoulders, and had me sit on the floor while she performed a couple of stretches on my back. She must have done something right, because the release was instant 🙂 .