Outside, choosing clothes, and good neighbours.

1) The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the winds have dropped. It’s good to get outside for the first time in days.

2) M asks “what shall I wear today Mummy?”, I replied that she could choose what she wanted. She thought for a moment “I don’t think I’ll wear a dress today.” “Mmmm…” I say. She thinks some more and then announces, with an intense expression on her face “I think trousers and a top will do, Mummy.” I nod my agreement, matching her seriousness. And only allow myself to giggle once she’s left the room!

3) Neighbour one comes round and we discuss the fallen fence on our adjoining properties. Her boyfriend is confident he can repair it with little difficulty. Later I hear banging, and out there is neighbour number two, doing a temporary fix on the other side fence, which had also come down in Tuesday’s storms. I’m grateful for such good neighbours 🙂 .

Snowed in, snow out, and candlelight

1) Snow day, snow day! The world is pristine white, and we’re all snowed in 🙂 .

2) I love the way snow brings people together – everyone is out walking because they can’t move their cars, and those who do attempt to move their car usually require help to push it out of a snowdrift. I’ve chatted to so many of my neighbours today.

3) The power cut leaves us in darkness, save for the brightness of the snow outside, and the glorious vanilla scent from my candle.