Relief, sharing and being looked after

1) To learn that all we know in New Zealand are safe and well.

2) We can’t decide which to have, so we share our cupcakes: lemon with sparkly cream cheese icing, and toffee crumble.

3) Recognising that I wasn’t feeling too well, my friend insists that I stay, makes me a fresh cup of tea and ensures that I don’t go anywhere until I absolutely have to. Thanks R xx

Knitting, New Zealand and nice quiet times

Today has been a quiet sort of day, but we managed to complete clearing the remaining third of our driveway of ice – my wrists ache and the palms of my hands are bruised from wielding the spade yesterday (the first two-thirds), so I let K complete the hard work and I merely shovelled up snow today – but you should see the huge slabs of ice in our garden now… maybe I’ll remember to take a pic tomorrow!

3BT today:

1) Finishing the back of my current WIP (work in progress) – the sweater I’m
knitting for Megan. Started on the sleeve this evening too 🙂

2) Quiet, restful evenings – a chilled glass of white wine, knitting, chatting 🙂

3) Looking at some pics from last June – Rangitoto from the snowdrop-covered slopes of Mount Hobson, Megan chuffed with herself walking up One Tree Hill, and Aidan, with the toy he designed and made at school. Happy memories…

SIMs and Orange

Oh dear.

So we naively thought that it would be a simple case of buying a couple of NZ SIM cards and popping them into our existing phones… how wrong we were.

Of course, our phones are locked to Orange – and they’re deliberately sitting on the unlock code for my phone for a few weeks as my phone is rather new.

Add to that no landline (we’re aliens you know, so they have no credit history for us as yet), no internet, and we’re feeling rather cut off from the world at present.