From the weekend…

1) Daytime Saturday was one of those quieter days – we mostly stayed home, tidied up, talked, defrosted the freezer, did laundry, sorted through piles of mail. Nothing very exciting, but all contributing to make life a little smoother for the next few weeks. It felt good.

2) We went over to my parent’s for a curry on Saturday evening. A relaxed way to spend an evening 🙂 .

3) Mothering Sunday began with cinnamon toast, made by the children, for both me and my Mum 🙂 . Flowers, chocolates, bubbly, an afternoon nap, a delicious meal, and perfectly behaved children (mostly!).  It was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday!

Outside, sleepy, and cloud colours.

1) It was damp out and muddy underfoot… staying in with cups of hot tea was extremely appealing. But once we actually got out there, we discovered that it wasn’t as bad as it initially appeared, and we were glad we went*.

2) After they had finished supper, the kids took themselves upstairs and got completely ready for bed – without even being asked to do so!

3) The night sky was cloud-covered, but the reflection of the lights from Grangemouth turned the clouds orange, and on the other side the reflection of the floodlights from the football pitch at the local high school turned the clouds blue. The combination of the two made for a pretty weird looking sky!

* Muddy jeans went straight in the wash though!

New growth, light, and perfect behaviour.

From yesterday:

1) On Monday I planted an amaryllis bulb…  A shoot has appeared already!

2) It’s 4pm, and I realise that it is still light.  We’re only a couple of weeks past the shortest day, but already the days can noticably longer. Spring is on the way 🙂 .

3) We stopped by the supermarket after school to pick up a couple of things. For once, the kids didn’t argue over who pushed the trolley, or wind each other up. In fact they behaved beautifully the whole way round.

Jelly, flying, and sleep.

From yesterday:

1) We spend a morning visiting friends. They get the kids making their own homemade pizzas for lunch, followed by raspberry jelly.  M (who is something of a jelly fiend!) was blissfully happy!

2) S lets A play with his Flight Gear – they fly over Isle of Skye and Mull. A is enthralled.

3) By bedtime, A isn’t feeling too well, and M is exhausted following her late night the previous night. I put them to bed and implore them to be kind to each other, and themselves, and let each other go to sleep.  Five minutes later, they are both out for the count.

Nativity, cakes, and playing games.

1) Continuing with the theme of the week, I went to A’s school assembly this morning. They did a super version of the Nativity, incorporating Little Donkey, the Calypso Carol and, of course, Away in a Manger.  A’s part in the production was to play a verse of the latter on the glockenspiel, and I was really impressed. All the kids did a fab job, and really brought home the real meaning of Christmas 🙂 .

2) Somewhat against the odds (or at least it’s felt that way), I finished baking, covering, and decorating the Christmas cakes today.

3) We three sit on the floor and play Bananagrams.  The kids both came up with some pretty good words…  but I won 😉 .

Thoughts, cuddles, and bath.

1) I hugged my children just a little bit tighter.  My thoughts and prayers are overseas today.

2) I was sad last night, and the kids were acting up big style. After a bit of a blow-out, when I finally managed to get through to the kids that they were making life so much harder for me, they suddenly flipped from being horrid* to being positively angelic.

Eventually, A asked if there was anything else he could do to help. I replied that there was one thing which would make me feel a bit happier. He thought for a moment, then came running over and gave me a huge big cuddle. M joined in for a big group hug… “you’re not on your own Mummy, you’ve got us.”.

3) A hot bath, at the end of a long day.

* There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.  When she was good, she was very very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid!!

Conversation, job done, and parcel.

1) The day begins with a Skype call to Daddy, including a quick glimpse of Nan and Grandad… so the kids start the day on a high note.

2) The kids only have about an hour between school, and the arrival of their friends.  I didn’t hold out much hope, but they both surpassed my expectations, and got all their school Christmas cards written in that time. Tick! Another job done 🙂 .

2) A parcel arrives, full of gorgeously soft, beautifully dyed yarn.

Too cute, sandwich, and walk.

1)  It was a wet playtime yesterday at school, and M had occupied her time writing a story called Megan and the Bunny.  K and I woke this morning to hear the kids quietly working on the computer next door. A was helping M to type up her story*.

2) The day starts and ends with torrential rain. Sandwiched in between is a beautiful sunshiney day, perfect for a walk along the beach.

3) K has the day off work, and we take the opportunity to go out for brunch, then head to the north shore of the Forth, and walk along the coastal path.  We walk from one village to the next, find a little cafe serving large mugs of tea, then walk back again. We drive the long way home along the north side of the river, and arrive back in perfect time to pick the kids up from school.

* For those who are interested, once it is done, we’ll put it up on their blog.

Bread, milk and sleepy.

1) A small piece of fresh granary bread still hot from the oven was just begging to be eaten. So I did. It was very good!

2) Warm milk, sweet, and scented with vanilla, cinnamon and fresh-grated nutmeg. Dinner was fairly early, and we’re both hungry. So I make rice pudding for supper.

3) Sleepy kisses from sleepy children, when I tiptoe in to whisper goodnight, after I get home from my meeting.

Shopping, quick, and bedtime.

1) My friend and I both happened to be heading to the supermarket after dropping the kids at school today.  As we walked up and down the aisles, our paths frequently criss-crossed – it made an otherwise mundane shopping trip a whole lot more fun!

2) K was out for dinner this evening, so I throw some homemade honey and wholegrain mustard sauce over some pasta, with chicken and sweetcorn. Simple comfort food.

3) “We know what you are about to say, Mummy!” says A.

“What am I about to say?” I reply.

Two small voices say in chorus “Stop talking and go to sleep!”.

“That’s right!” I say.  “Now do it!!”.

They did.

The End.