Quiet moment, text message, and welcome rain.

1) M comes out of ballet class, cliimbs straight onto my knee and curls up. We stay like that for a few moments, enjoying a cuddle.  Then she bounces back up again and starts getting changed.

2) The moment when I realised that, in my initial skim-reading of a text message, I had completely misinterpreted what it said – it actually said pretty much the opposite of what I’d originally thought. Phew!

3) It starts to rain, and cool, fresh air floods the room through the open window. A welcome relief from the warm, muggy atmosphere.

Craft morning, outside anyway, and star.

1)  The kids and I had a fun morning gathered around the table doing craft – we got gluey, sticky, the floor is covered in tiny shreds of paper, but we had heaps of fun!

2) After a relatively dry weekend, the rain began in earnest once again today (at least this time it’s warm rain!). The kids didn’t much care though, and spent a happy hour playing outside with their friends, bouncing on the tramponline and getting very wet!

3) A swathe of dark cloud bands the lower half of the darkening evening sky.  High above it are a streak of tiny fluffy white clouds, and peeping out in between, a solitary star.

Not quite rain, chorus, and time out.

1) The atmosphere is cool and damp with North Sea haar as we walk to school. “It’s a pale rain”, said M. I think her description of the almost-but-not-quite rain that we are experiencing is very apt.

2) As I work the back door is open, and I work to a chorus of birdsong.

3) I find a spare ten minutes to read my book. It’s valuable downtime, in an otherwise hectic day.

Taking flight, handing over, and next week.

1) The birds have been enjoying both the peanuts in the bird feeder, and our newly scarified lawn. Everytime I go out to the garage, a flock of birds take flight. They soon come back though, as soon as I am safely inside.

1a) They also seem to be enjoying this damp weather – as I’m out for a walk, I realise I am walking to birdsong.

2) I’m tired tonight, and I’m glad K is there with the energy to kid-wrangle and get them into bed.

3) With our walk postponed because of weather for the second week running, my friend announces that next week we will meet no matter what, even if we just end up going out for a cuppa and a catch-up.

On the way, home and dry, and true colours.

1) A arrives home from a visit to Grandpa’s with a couple of print-outs, and a very smiley face… The piece of homework isn’t yet done, but is well on the way :-).

2) I enjoy a long walk on a lovely sunny morning. As I’m relaxing with a cuppa on my arrival home, I glance up to notice the sky has suddenly darkened, and moments later it’s pouring with rain.

3) The closed tulips, which were orange yesterday, have now begun to open revealing red petals fringed with golden yellow.

Too long, trophy, and new toy.

1)  On the way home from school, it begins to rain.  So my friend invites me in for a cuppa.  It’s good to catch up – it’s been far too long.

2) M wins the Enjoy-a-ball trophy, and comes home bouncy and delighted.

3) Our new toy has arrived, and I take it along to the meeting.  Everyone is very impressed, and excited by the possibilities…

Changeable, Christmas Fayre, and Finished Object Friday

1) The weather has shown us many faces today – we’ve had strong winds, skies so dark it seemed like night, freezing rain, sleet, hail, rainbows, calm blue skies, sunshine, and a beautiful sunset.

2) We stood, drinking coffee, and admired the school hall – transformed by an army of volunteers in readiness for the Christmas Fayre.

3) Everything I planned to make is finally complete in readiness for tomorrow’s Fayre, and for Megan’s school concert!

I don’t have any knitted Finished Objects for you today (although the hat is progressing), but I’ve made six mini-Christmas cakes, five Christmas Fruit Loaves, two batches of brownies (all for the school Christmas Fayre) and an elf outfit (Megan is to be an elf for her class concert). Do they count?

Six mini-Christmas cakes

Five Christmas Fruit Loaves

One very cute Christmas Elf

For more of Friday’s Finished Objects, check out Tami’s Blog

First place, quiet , and outdoor shower.

1) A is working hard on his number work in school at the moment – he came home flushed with the success of being ahead of the rest of the class 🙂 .

2) I enjoy a quiet morning, in contrast to a busy afternoon.

3) I open the door to discover a world drenched, as if someone has turned on a power shower.

Not wet, homework and WIP Wednesday

1) Half an hour before I’m due to pick the kids up from school, the skies open and the rain is bouncing off the road. By the time I need to leave, it’s dried up and the sky is blue once again.

2) She puts so much effort into her first set of “proper” homework, and does a lovely job. I wonder if she’ll still be doing such beautiful work by the end of term!

3) I’ve been working several projects this week – I’ve been experimenting with knitting a wee bag for M (still to be seamed), and another is the gift project I mentioned last week. It doesn’t look much progressed from last week, but after taking that pic, I knitted a fair bit more before a mistake in the pattern created chaos and I had to frog it completely. I’ve now re-knitted to the point I was at and beyond. It’s fun to knit, and I’m loving the increases and how the pattern is forming!

PS Any tips for photographing knitting gratefully received!

PPS For more works-in-progress, check out Tami’s blog.

Rainbow, fresh and special.

1) I glance out of the window, and there in the space between two houses is a rainbow.

2) After a sudden, torrential downpour, the air smells fresh and clean.

3) “It was precious time”, he said as they left. And he was right. The kids played, the adults chatted. A lovely afternoon 🙂 .