No more sneezes, peace and pretty in pink.

1) After several days of sunshine, it’s rained a lot today. I’m very glad that they decided to cut the field of grass behind our house today, and not yesterday!

2) My friend arrived to pick up her kids late this afternoon… she was tired, I was tired, but the kids were all playing happily so we closeted ourselves in the kitchen and had a cuppa and a good catch-up.

3) The first buds are beginning to open on the fuchsia in my hanging basket. Pretty.

Lie-in, getting wet, and agreed.

1) K goes to work, A is engrossed by writing his computer programme, M downstairs curled up watching Cbeebies… I snuggle in bed for just a few precious minutes – the luxury of a lie-in.

2) The heavens open, the rain thunders down. My children, who have stayed inside so far all day, don their shoes and raincoats and head outside to see how much rain water they can collect.

3) We reach a mutually agreeable conclusion, which benefits us both. Hopefully she’ll sleep more peacefully tonight.

Refreshed, soup and unexpected

1) The cool damp air is lovely and refreshing, after a good workout at the gym (especially as it was unusually warm in there today!).

2) The yummy veggie soup I had for lunch – made by K from the random collection of last night’s left-over veg and, for added tang, the juices from the smoked gammon we had as main course.

3) K gets stranded in Edinburgh, owing to high winds causing widespread train cancellations, so he’s enjoying an unexpected evening round at a friend’s place.

The Storm

1) I sit, warm and dry, listening as the rain pours down from the clouds. Pretty soon, torrents of water flood into the drains. The sound is lush and tropical.

2) The sound of that rain, once again brings memories of such gratitude – clear water to drink, rather than yellowish-brown water drawn out from the river.

3) As the storm eases, there’s that incredible quality of light as it reflects off storm-dark clouds. I go to the window to look more closely, and sure enough, arching over the sky opposite me is a perfect rainbow.

Eased, aroma and early.

1) An aromatherapy (with ginger and black pepper) massage eases the tension in my neck, particularly in the sore spot. Think I’ll be going back – it’s definitely made a difference.

2) It rained today – for the first time in several weeks. There’s a gorgeous fresh smell outside as I go out into the back garden – I pause for a moment to take it in.

3) An early night.

3D, wet Wednesday, cute kids

1) We go to the cinema, just the three of us. The kids marvel at their 3D glasses, and try to figure out how they work.

2) Grandma stops by, we play Frustration and discuss birthdays. A fun way to spend a wet Wednesday afternoon.

3) Aidan is designing a new radio, Megan paints a picture, and makes boats for her Nuggi (her special tedddy).

Cake, Light and Dry!

1) I teach a friend to make chocolate cake – the result tastes fab 🙂 .

2) Once again, the quality of light bathing the Ochils lifts my spirits – the combination of dark hail-filled cloud across the valley, with a break in the cloud allowing a glimmer of sunlight to touch the hills…

3) The hailstones and torrential rain stop, just long enough for me to pick the kids up from school.

A more mundane Monday :-)

1) Getting on top of the laundry. Boring, but necessary, and it feels good to get it done!

2) It’s raining, the ice is melting, and they are predicting warmer (slightly!) weather soon 🙂 .

3) A quieter day, after a busy weekend. It’s been good to catch up with myself again!