Two of us, having fun, and emptying out.

1) To walk both my children home from school individually – A had an after-school club, so he finished later than normal and, as K was working upstairs, M was able to stay at home while I went back to the school. I really appreciate those one-on-one times, and it was lovely to chat to them both.

2) My brother came round this afternoon and took the kids to the park – A on his bike, M on her Fliker. They had a lot of fun!

3) We’re trying to empty out the freezer this week so tonight’s dinner was rice, with a choice of either beef casserole, or pork fillet stir fry.  Both were delicious, and all were satisfied 🙂 .

Physio, umbrella, and staying in.

1) To finally start physio to resolve my neck and shoulder problem, and while I’m in more pain than usual tonight, I’m very grateful to have access to physio, and I feel that I’m finally on the road to healing 🙂 .

2) A was at Rotakids, so M and I walked home from school alone this afternoon. The expected grumbles about walking home in the rain, were much alleviated by a bright and beautiful rainbow, and the appearance of her Hello Kitty umbrella!

3) K sent a text, and then said he’d sent in his apologies. I had a warm shower, took some pain killers, and curled up on the sofa, while K went out to pick A up from Cubs. Thanks my love xxx

A few short minutes, all okay, and homework.

1) I took the long way home from school this morning and, as a result, walked back into the estate via the road… As I walked, I was passed by the patient transport ambulance, off to pick up the elderley lady further up the street to take her to daycare; the supermarket delivery van was the next to pass by, closely followed by the “my local farm” delivery van. Several cars went in and out, and finally a builder’s van – our neighbours a few doors down are having a new kitchen put in. And then I reached home.

2) The children work hard on their homework when we come home from school. M reads her story beautifully, then we work together to pull out the six main points. A has fun with alliterative sentences, practises his handwriting as he does his spelling, and then heads to the computer to do his maths homework – his homework is in his school account on Manga High, a maths game website, which looks heaps of fun!

3) We go round to a friend’s place this afternoon.  While the children play, my friend is trying to cook their dinner, and plan her new kitchen, which is being put in next week.  She’s very stressed and worried as she has realised that there might be a problem with one of the items she’s ordered. So we spend the better part of an hour measuring, and discussing, and looking things up. Eventually we work out that, even though it looks like the item she wants would be too big, it’s actually smaller than what she has already, so it’s all okay after all!

Dry, evening stroll, and good to be home.

1) Despite the threatening rainclouds, and occasional drops of rain, I walked to pick the kids up from school. I was glad I did, the rain held off, and we had a pleasant walk home.

1b) Today’s rainbow count: 2.

2) A starlit (if I looked beyond the streetlights) walk gave me time and space for reflection.

3) This evening’s meeting went well, but I was glad to get home for a cup of tea.

Home alone, day off, and letter.

From Tuesday:

1) The kids are at school, and K and I are at home. We spend time relaxing, and we spend time getting stuff done. It’s good.

2) K does the school run today, so I don’t have to. It’s nice having the day off!

3) Just before I go to bed, I sort through the school bags for tomorrow. At the bottom of A’s bag I come across a small folded letter. I open it to discover an invitation to the school prize-giving in a couple of week’s time. Aidan has won a prize 🙂 .

Too long, trophy, and new toy.

1)  On the way home from school, it begins to rain.  So my friend invites me in for a cuppa.  It’s good to catch up – it’s been far too long.

2) M wins the Enjoy-a-ball trophy, and comes home bouncy and delighted.

3) Our new toy has arrived, and I take it along to the meeting.  Everyone is very impressed, and excited by the possibilities…

Unexpected, quick meal, and WIP Wednesday.

1) I bumped into someone I don’t normally see on my walk up to school. It was lovely to have a chance to chat.

2) Tonight’s dinner was cooked this morning, so all that was needed at dinnertime was to reheat it 🙂 .

3) Loving how my new hat is knitting up. The pattern is challenging, but fun, and I love how it looks so far. Don’t think it will be finished by Friday, but here’s how it’s looking so far…

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On time, home safe, and back to normal/Work-in-Progress Wednesday

1) K left for London at 0530 this morning, but I still managed to get us all up, breakfasted and dressed, and at school in time for the bell.

2) K’s flight has landed safely, and he’s just arrived home 🙂 .

3) Finally getting back to WIP Wednesday – an indication that life is settling down again 🙂 .

At the moment I’m working on my version of Zabet’s “Hubby’s Decoder Hat” – I just loved the concept – take a message, use an Ascii-to-Binary converter and convert the message into Binary, and assign Knit stitches to all the 1’s, and Purl stitches to all the 0’s. Cast on and begin… Once complete, challenge the recipient to decode the message…

I gave this hat (completed) on Christmas Day and promised him a matching cover for his HTC Desire if he could decode the message. Apart from telling him there were 96 stitches he used none of the other clues I gave him. And decoded the message – without even using a computer to convert the zeros and ones back into Ascii. I can honestly say that, until that moment, I hadn’t truly appreciated just how geeky my lovely hubby is!!

(After trying it on and wearing it for a few days, we felt that I hadn’t knitted it quite long enough, so on Monday I took it back to the top of the decreases and am now in the process of adding an extra few centimetres of length…)

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New term, clever girl, moon, and Making Monday 9.

1) We walk to school on the first day of the new term, in the sunshine. The kids are both glad to be going back 🙂 .

2) M comes home from gymnastics and demonstrates a cartwheel, a handstand, a bridge, a forward roll and a backward roll (to standing). I’m very impressed!

3) The moon was low and large, highlighted with a delicate golden light. Just glorious.

I haven’t done a Making Monday post for quite some time so, as this weekend was mostly about baking (Nowegian mountain bread), experimenting (with making pesto), creating (chaos in the kids bedroom, and then tidying it up again) and making (plans…), and I don’t have any pics of any of that, I thought I would show you this blanket I made for Aidan a wee while ago – it’s so warm and snuggly, and very easy to make:

and the complete set of scarves and bags I made for various little friends…

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