Dawn, complete at last, together.

1) To awaken in the very early morning, and listen to the dawn chorus.

2) I’d bought the material to make a bag about two years ago. I chose the pattern, and cut out the pieces about two months ago. I sewed the strap and the pockets about two weeks ago. This morning, I sewed the bag together, and it hardly took any time at all. I’m happy with the result, but you’ll have to wait for FO Friday to see it – I haven’t had the chance to take any photos yet.

3) Craft Night this evening – just a lovely time to relax, chat, and do craft together (this evening, we were all knitting 🙂 ).

Walking, small things, and craft night.

1) A cold walk in the winter sunshine with a friend. We went a different route this afternoon, and it was lovely to see some different scenery.  When we were nearly home, we caught up with another of my regular walking partners – I’m going walking with her tomorrow.

2) K turned plumber this evening, and replaced the broken tap in the kitchen.  How lovely to have hot running water in the kitchen once again 🙂 .

3) Three of us have decided to start a regular fortnightly craft night, and several others have shown interest in joining us – we began tonight, even though, because of the short notice, only two of us were free. It was fab – I can’t wait for a fortnight’s time!