Fixed it, worth it, achievement.

1) I suddenly figured out what the problem was, fixed it, then flicked the switch and the lights came on 🙂 .

2) The look on her face as the implications dawned on her; and then, with mounting excitement they discussed how best they would use it, and how much time it would save them…

3) At the beginning of the week I set myself the goal of walking sufficiently that, according to the app on my phone, I would have burned 3500kcal through walking in the course of one week… Finding the time was a bit tough some days, but I’m proud to say that I did it! (I’m planning an evening spent with my feet up tonight though…)

Helpful boy, new car, and doing stuff.

1) The new star charts are working well. As I’m getting organised upstairs this morning, I hear K coaching A in the art of vacuuming the floor. So proud of my big boy 🙂 .


2) After dinner, the kids get ready for bed… and then we all pile into our new car, and take it for a night drive up the Forth Valley towards Stirling.

3) I’m tired, but filled with the need to do something.  So I defrosted both freezers, and make a batch of polenta and blueberry cupcakes.

Explore, steam, and change of heart.

From yesterday:

1) The rain holds off, and we have a lovely explore of Corfe Castle.

2) We chuff slowly through the green countryside. I like to watch the puffy clouds of steam drift slowly along beside us.

3) He pushes his little sister away from the swing and won’t let her on. A few moments later, I spy him trying to lift her onto it.

Return, coat contents, and WIP Wednesday.

1) I’m out when the postie comes the first time, and discover a failed delivery slip on the doormat. A wee while later the doorbell rings. Our lovely postie spotted the car in the driveway, and returned to deliver the letter.

2) When I went to put M’s coat in the wash this afternoon, I discovered a hole in her pocket… The contents of the coat were as follows: 1 necklace, 1 braclet, 1 hair band, 1 hair tie, 2 small rocks, 1 polished stone, 1 50p piece, a plastic thimble, and a lollipop!

3) I’m nearly finished M’s Frondly Yours hat (I ran out of yarn two-thirds of the way through, and the new yarn only arrived today), and I’m working on my design of the little knitted party bags too…

Check out Tami’s blog for more of today’s Works-in-Progress!

Happy kids, flowers, and phonecalls

1) three happy kids decorating fairy cakes!

2) an amaryllis bud gently opening.

3) a call from a tradesman to confirm his time of arrival tomorrow, meaning I don’t have to stay in for the whole four hour slot waiting for him 🙂 .

(Gargh – I was going to take photos for you today, but my camera battery just died…)

Happy girls, fresh paint and misty trees…

Popping on quickly this evening – I’m supposed to be “resting” on doctor’s orders (ended up back there this morning, but rest and time seem to be the only cure for this chest infection… ah well, only three weeks until Mum and Dad get back from holiday!).

On to more positive things:

1) A happy girl! She loved it, tried it on, and then kept it on for her Enjoy-a-ball class immediately afterwards – result!

2) A freshly painted room…

3) The mist shrouding the bare trees on the bank of the burn (stream) out back this evening – a bit eerie, but so peaceful and still.