Colours and special moments

Missed yesterday – Wednesday is a running-around-alot sort of a day…

1) The lovely green and red of my birthday poinsettia, which is still going strong two and a half months later.

2) My special Wednesday half-hour in a cafe with my son – I treasure that time.

3) I love the name (and colour) of the paint we’ve chosen for the new guest room cum office: Tea Light. And now, in daylight, seeing the first coat on the walls – I feel I’ve made the right choice.

Happy girls, fresh paint and misty trees…

Popping on quickly this evening – I’m supposed to be “resting” on doctor’s orders (ended up back there this morning, but rest and time seem to be the only cure for this chest infection… ah well, only three weeks until Mum and Dad get back from holiday!).

On to more positive things:

1) A happy girl! She loved it, tried it on, and then kept it on for her Enjoy-a-ball class immediately afterwards – result!

2) A freshly painted room…

3) The mist shrouding the bare trees on the bank of the burn (stream) out back this evening – a bit eerie, but so peaceful and still.