Hugs, warmth and playing to win

1) To be greeted at the door with a smile and a hug.

2) The warmth in the air is a blessing after the chill of the last few weeks.

3) A is initially reluctant to join in the game M and I are playing, but I encourage him to do so anyway. I’m rewarded a few minutes later by his giggles and excitement, and he’s rewarded by becoming the eventual winner! Result!

Happy, cuddles and harmony

1) The cashier giggles as she trips over her scripted words, then smiles cheerfully as she wishes me goodbye.

2) Megan comes and gives me a cuddle and whispers in my ear “that’s just to remind you that I love you, Mummy”…

3) I love the way that the harmonies blend together to create a rich beautiful sound, as we sing the last song at choir practice this evening.

Clear skies, cuddles, and the end of the day

1) It’s been a while, but my view of the snow-sprinkled Ochils today was not shrouded by mist or cloud, but clear from one end of the Forth Valley to the other.

2) Cuddles from my not-so-small boy :-).

3) Moments of reflection – today I realised afresh just how much I appreciate taking these few moments to look back over the day and discover the good and the beautiful in it.

Hugs, a chilled treat, pasta anyone?

1) A hug from a friend, just what I needed after a somewhat fraught morning.

2) Cold, crisp, juicy, sweet – red grapes, straight from the fridge.

3) Supper: tagliatelle pasta, roasted red pepper pesto, toasted pine nuts, wilted baby spinach and shaved fresh parmesan cheese. Simple, effective, delicious. And now, to bed.

Reminder, choosing, cuddles

1) The long green stems and pretty cream petals of the lisianthus flowers on my dining room table reminds me of Spring.

2) Finding the perfect(I hope!) gift for someone.

3) “Mummy, I want a cuddle!”, and I realise that I want nothing more than a cuddle too, so we snuggle up on the sofa for a while.

Cuddles, contented baby, hills

1) Cuddles with my new god-daughter 🙂 .

2) Contented baby sounds as she gurgles happily in her cot.

3) Hills – Ochils with mist in the valley, and light bathing their summits, Pentlands with sunshine and shadow and snow, and Arthur’s Seat, slightly misty and mysterious.

Igloo, cuddles, freedom

1) The kids spend most of the day building an “igloo” in the back garden.

2) A huge cuddle from Megan – she loved the pretty hair band I got her while I was out at the shop.

3) The sense of absolute freedom of taking the car out and going shopping, for the first time in a week.