One week in October.

In no particular order, here are some beautiful things from last week (beginning 8 Oct):

1) It was my beautiful little girl’s seventh birthday on Wednesday. We had friends round for birthday tea – after which we lit a Chinese lantern and watched it drift away across to the Ochils – the kids loved it.

2) In the evening of M’s birthday, K surprised me with a mini bottle of champagne πŸ™‚ (after all, I was the one doing most of the work all those years ago!).

3) On Tuesday I ran away from all the madness surrounding me at home, and spent a lovely few hours in Edinburgh with a friend. It was a glorious autumn day, the views were wonderful, we had a lovely walk through the Meadows, and enjoyed coffee and cake in the National Museum brasserie.Β  A welcome escape from reality.

4) Before I went home, K popped out during his lunch hour, and we sat outside (yes, it really was warm enough) at Victor Hugo’s cafe on the Meadows, and ate lunch together. Uninterrupted by children.

5)To finally complete the skirt I shelved at the start of the summer – I really enjoyed wearing it for the first time.

6) I sewed three skirts for three special little girls.Β  And I still have Megan’s to complete.

7) Friday was hard. But in the midst of all the heartache and pain, a butterfly flitted about, and a rainbow appeared. During the church service before the committal at the crematorium, the Linlithgow Rugby Club Male Voice Choir gave the most beautiful and moving renditions of The Rose that I have ever heard.

Praise Gathering 2011

Yesterday was concert night!

1) At 2.30pm yesterday afternoon, the choir sounded pretty awful. When we left the stage three hours later, the sound was incredible! Yay for the fantastic sound guys who worked so hard all afternoon!

2) Total Praise, our final encore, was probably my favourite song. The link is from the rehearsal, there doesn’t seem to be anything up of the actual performance.

3) Being part of a 400-strong choir, praising God together with 1500 other people, in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

Happy, cuddles and harmony

1) The cashier giggles as she trips over her scripted words, then smiles cheerfully as she wishes me goodbye.

2) Megan comes and gives me a cuddle and whispers in my ear “that’s just to remind you that I love you, Mummy”…

3) I love the way that the harmonies blend together to create a rich beautiful sound, as we sing the last song at choir practice this evening.

Music, relief and peace

1) A wonderful evening on Saturday, singing as part of Praise Gathering’s 2010 concert in Edinburgh.

2) K knows the exact spot on my back to rub in order to ease the pain.

3) Dinner on the deck, enjoying the cool of the evening, the breeze and the sunset.

A week’s worth of 3BT

Has it really been a week since I last posted?

1) A fab weekend away with friends – wish we could have stayed longer.

2) A scalp massage which nearly sends me to sleep.

3) Watching M win several of her races at Sport’s Day.

4) The sound of nearly 400 voices singing in harmony.

5) A golden day full of sunshine.

6) An impromptu barbecue.

7) Two compliments from different first-time visitors to my home. We have a restful home – if only they knew reality – but I’m chuffed that my dΓ©cor is conveying what I hoped it would. I love that they see a lovely garden, while all I see is everything that needs to be done. I must try to view it through their eyes more often.

The end of the day…

1) The moment the tenors nailed the top G.

2) Undemanding adult conversation, as opposed to the usual conversations which take place in my car e.g. “Mummy, what is lava made of?”; “Mummy, where does God live?”; “Mummy, what are we doing today? what are we doing after that? and what are we doing after that?”…

3) Snuggles with Megan – the calm after the storm.