Azalea, seedlings, appreiciation

1) My azalea is in full bloom just now and looking glorious.

2) Tiny seedlings poke their heads above the ground, and our veggie patch is beginning to look rather populated.

3) K puts the kids to bed (normally a joint effort), and then cooks dinner (lamb curry), while I attend to necessary emails. Thanks my love! xxx

Lunch, Homework and seedlings

1) An unexpected invitation to lunch… and Mum and I enjoy some rare uninterrupted time together.

2) A’s homework is obscure and initially he gets frustrated. Then he starts thinking outside the box and works out how to do it. He’s very chuffed with himself.

3) The seedlings have sprouted and are ready to plant out.

Planting, clearing and organising

1) Planting – pretty pink and purple Aubreitia now light up what was a dull patch of garden 🙂 .

2) Clearing – M and I spent a good while this morning clearing out the weeds and cutting back overgrown grass. The front garden looks much neater now!

3) Getting organised – feels good to be all organised for both this evening’s meetings, and almost there for tomorrow nights’!

Why I started…

I was reminded last week, as I stood behind a person on the escalator, of why I started writing this 3BT blog in the first place. I was in a hurry, needed to get my shopping done and then get back in time for the school run, and was feeling really frustrated. Then I glanced up. And saw hundreds of tiny twinkling lights showering down several storeys. I don’t normally like seeing Christmas decorations up before December, but on Friday, they reminded me: there I was getting irritated by a small trivial thing. What 3BT allows me to do is to focus on the small (often trivial) things which cheer me and make me happy rather than stressed.

So Friday then: the reminder to look for the tiny beautiful things and allow myself to be made happy by them.

Saturday: the stunning 15 minute Firework display at Hopetoun House, timed to perfectly to match the music. I particularly loved the pink sweethearts in the sky.

Sunday: the afternoon was spent planting bulbs. I look forward to seeing the results in Spring 🙂 .

Monday: I was a little worried in advance of Parent’s Night at school. Turns out that we had no reason to be – the kids are both doing well 🙂 .

Tuesday: a long committee meeting in the evening was followed up by a yummy dinner with K a matter of minutes after I walked through the door 🙂 .

Wednesday: a day punctuated by many many lovely things – breakfast in bed, lunch with a friend, my phone beeping frequently throughout the day as someone leaves a Facebook post, or sends a text, K went in late and came home early, thoughtful cards, two lovely homemade cards from my children, some beautiful birthday presents, champagne with my parents, scrummy dinner and a delicious cake. All that on top of a beautiful blue skies and sunshine sort of a day!