Smile, being there, and bees.

1) For the first time in a while I sat down to read some blogs. Most of them made me smile. Thank you!

2) In a return to routine, my friend and I headed out for a walk this afternoon. Our topic of conversation was not the happiest, but it was good to spend some time chatting, and being there for each other.

3) As I was out replenishing the bird feeder, I noticed that some bees were enjoying our garden…

BeesBees in the garden

Smiles, alignment, and zumba.

1) When I arrived at my friend’s house this morning I was still wearing my hat, and her baby just stared at me.  I took my hat off and smiled at him and, after a moment or two, I could see the glimmer of recognition and then he smiled back.

2) I’ve had a project bubbling away in my mind for at least a year now.  Recently, all the elements came together: I worked out how to do it, I managed to find all the supplies I needed, I had the reason to get it done soon,and today, I had the time to actually put it altogether* 🙂 .

3) I’ve started going to zumba recently, and it can be a really good laugh… Imagine, if you will, a room full of ladies all playing air guitar!

* There will be photos at some point soon, but that’s for another post.

Cake, smile, and a very useful FO

1) My friend Suzy just won a national baking competition with her delicious-sounding Chocolate and Banana Cake with peanut butter frosting… I’ve got one in the oven right now, and it’s filling my house with its warm chocolatey aroma!

2) She has one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. And she’s only just turned one year old.

3) I’ve finished the first summer project – the knitted peg bag! It’s a bit more “envelope-shaped” than I was expecting, but it will still do the job of holding my pegs 🙂 . Just need to find an appropriately shaped coat-hanger first.

Summer Project #1 Knitted Peg Bag
Debbie Bliss eco aran in Duck Egg

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Smiles, chat, and Finished Object Friday

1) After school, he comes running to the gate and meets me with a big smile 🙂 .

2) Unexpectedly I bump into my Mum in the supermarket carpark. I jump into the front seat for a quick chat.

3) Woo hoo – finally, I have finished those gloves!! So here is Spring Project #3, complete at last, meaning that I have the fun of casting on for Summer Project #1 over the weekend 🙂 .

Spring Project #3 

And the object the gloves are lying on is also a Finished Object, but not one of mine… Here is A’s first FO – he loves this bobbly yarn, a nightmare for someone to learn to knit with, but so soft and snuggly. It’s a blanket for one of his toys.

Aidan’s 1st FO 

For more of today’s Finished Objects, check out Tami’s blog…  I’m heading right on over there now 🙂

Smile, gym, and writing.

1) In distinct contrast to her predecessor, the new proprietress of our local coffee shop worked with a smile and a cheery manner 🙂 .

2) Back to the gym at last – and I came away wondering why I’ve put it off for the last week!

3) A wrote a story at school recently – he came home very excited as he’s going to be awarded a “Good Work” star for it at the next Success Assembly at school. Very proud 🙂 .

Happy, another recipe and unexpected.

1) The lady in the coffee shop usually has quite a dour demeanour. She’s never rude, just never seems very happy. Today, however, she was smiley and chatty 🙂 .

2) I finally make these rather yummy looking Sour Cream Cinnamon Streusel Muffins for fellowship group tomorrow morning. But we all have to try one tonight – just to make sure they are acceptable*, of course!

3) At the meeting this evening, I am totally unexpectedly given some beautiful burgundy gerbera as a thank you. They now grace my mantelpiece, and make me happy whenever I look at them.

* They are!

Gaps, excitement and yummy lunch

1) Megan’s gummy smile (note to self: find where K has stashed my camera and take a pic!) – both teeth came out today.

2) “I’m thrilled my teeth have come out Mummy” as she carefully places them in the very centre of her bed under her pillow…

3) Pimento-stuffed olives, German salami, organic hummus, crunchy carrot sticks and slices of sour dough bread, make for a simple and simply delicious lunch.