Pancakes, peaceful, and sunlight.

1) Fresh pancakes, with raspberry sauce for breakfast = two satisfied children, and two satisfied grown-ups.

2) The afternoon wore on, quiet and peaceful, after a busy weekend.

3) The colour of the sky, in the half-hour before sunset, reminds me of the colour of our new car – silver-grey, with a hint of gold. It’s far prettier in the sky though! The lovely light soon transformed into the mauves and pinks and golds of a stunning sunset.

Not so long, off they went, and looking west.

1) With parting imminent, it was exciting to realise that it would be only nineteen sleeps until we saw each other again 🙂 .

2) An afternoon walk around the loch, with the kids scooting on ahead… and then coming back to ask a question, or show us something, before whizzing on ahead again.

3) To look westwards after dark, and see Jupiter and Venus shining brightly in close proximity.

Lengthening days, contrast, and moon

1) At 0740 we open the curtains, and I realise that it is actually light outside.

2) It was one of those clear days when the views of the Ochils along the whole length of the Forth Valley were crystal clear. At the foot of the snow-capped Ochils, however, in place of the river lay a sea of fog.

3) The moon shines, silvery-bright and huge, in an ever-darkening night sky.

Red clouds, nearly here, and Finished Object Friday

1) I opend the door this morning to bring in the milk, and was greeted by a white glittering world, and a dawn (this is Scotland remember – sunrise at 0820) sky lit up by glorious luminous red clouds.

2) I spot the first blossom on the trees today – spring is on its way :-).

3) Woo hoo, being Friday, I’ve got a couple of FO’s for today. I finally finished (for the second time) K’s Decoder Hat – unfortunately he’s wearing it, so no photographs yet…

As for the second FO… long time readers of my blog may remember the little gift project I was working on last autumn:

Well, I’m happy to say that the recipient has now received it, and I can finally show you the end result 🙂 . It’s Betty Balcomb’s “Flying Geese Shawl“, knitted with Regia Extra Twist Merino Colour (Esprit Spray 09325). I loved the way the “V” formation falls across each shoulder, and it drapes beautifully.

To see more of today’s Finished Objects, please check out Tami’s blog

An afternoon of microlighting.

Today, a friend offered to take us up in his microlight. The weather was pretty near perfect and we had a beautiful afternoon.

1) Aidan was first to go up – he was so excited (although I do admit to swallowing a few motherly nerves – “am I completely mad to be allowing my small boy (he’s 8) up in that tiny machine?”), and he had such a wonderful time!

2) The view from the microlight was stunning – the river Forth gleamed with sunlight, the water clear and turquoise, the beaches golden, and acres of fields, some ploughed, some speckled with hay bales; towns and villages, castle ruins, power stations, hills.

3) We flew high above the gannet colony on Bass Rock and looked down on the birds as they wheeled and circled around the island. Awesome.

Half-price, one thing less to do, and slowly

We’re back from holidays now (actually home for a couple of days) but I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write my post-holiday beautiful things review yet. That, complete with pics will come, but for now, here are today’s three beautiful things…

1) My rotary clothes drier (whirlygig to those in Scotland) broke irrevocably today). I went to buy a new one, and discovered that the one I wanted was half-price.

2) To look out on my garden and feel a sense of peace… after a visit to the garden centre, Mum and I put in a couple of hours of potting, re-potting, clearing the weeds and generally tidying up.

3) The golden sky, framed by baby blue, highlighted with grey clouds. Night falls slowly in Scotland at this time of year.

An easy solution, surprise and evening peace.

1) A & M have a huge argument at tea time, which results in them both being put on the naughty step. After a few minutes cooling off, I sit them down at the table and instruct them to eat their tea in silence. They do so, and by the time they are finished, they are cheerful and happy, the argument forgotten. Result!

2) To get half-way through the ironing mountain and realise that the bottom half of the basket is already ironed and folded… I’d obviously forgotten to put it away after the last time!

3) The evening sky as it purples and fades, the quiet of the night, and the smell of freshly cut grass…

Happy holiday, not 45, and clouds

1) When I pick the kids up from school today, M’s teacher calls over “Have a lovely holiday!”.

2) The doorbell rings, and the girl standing on the doorstep explains that she’s got details of some government subsidy for [something or other] but that it was only available to those over 45. “But you’re obviously not eligible!” says she!

3) Dark towering clouds, bordered with silver, dramatic against a powder blue sky.

Good friends, proud parents and peaceful skies.

1) Today has been a completely frantic day, with multiple meetings and appointments requiring me to be in several places at once. I’m very grateful to all my lovely friends who have willingly taken up the slack! Thank you all xxx

2) It was Parent’s day today, and we had glowing reports from both A and M’s teachers. We’re very proud of them both.

3) As we drove home from M’s dancing display, the Ochils were dark, the sun was setting and the sky was fading into night. Beautiful.