Work-in-Progress 65

I’m back! We had a lovely holiday down south and, with all the long journeys and relaxed evenings, I found plenty of time to knit 🙂 . My Hitchhiker is finished, and currently blocking – hopefully I’ll have photos for Friday.  I also found time to knit a little moebius shrug for M to wear with her lilac skirt. It’s blocking too.

I’ve been experimenting a little with designing my own moebius cowl. I began, got part way through, and then frogged the lot. But I learned a lot in the process, and now have a much better idea of where I wanted to go with that project.  I guess you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks!

On the needles today is Wasabi – a little cardi, which I’m knitting in Patons 4ply Cotton in green.  Oh the trouble I had finding a 4ply yarn, which wasn’t wool (which would react with M’s sensitive skin), and was precisely the right shade of green.  For a while I thought I would need to make it in navy, but I eventually sourced this shade online. I’ve only just cast-on, but…

Wasabi - cast-onWasabi – cast on

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Work-in-Progress 64

It’s been a busy few days, and I’ve had very little time to knit sadly. Last week, I set a target in my head of completeing one point of my Hitchhiker per day, as a minimum.  I did manage to achieve that. But I didn’t make nearly as much progress on my other project as I’d hoped, and I haven’t had the space to cast-on any of the next projects I have in mind.  I have to confess to being a little bored with the repeated garter stich and am itching to do something a little more exciting too.

Still, here’s the Hitchhiker, with 26 points.

Hitchhiker - 26 pointsFolie Hitchhiker

That’s it from me for this week, I won’t be here next week as we’re going on holiday, but hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to show you in two weeks time! I hope you all have a good couple of weeks and in the meantime do check out WIP Wednesday over at Tami’s Amis, and visit Ginny’s Yarn Along.


WIP Wednesday 63

As you saw on Friday, my Rock Climbing Teddy is now complete and awaiting her onward journey 🙂 . I’ve also finished my Black Niemeyer, it just remains to block it and weave in the ends.

This means that I’ve had time to begin on another gift – this time a birthday present for my sister.  She chose a Hitchhiker scarf, made from this rather lovely yarn: Sublime Lustrous Extrafine Merino DK, in Folie. Out of the requisite 42 points, I’ve done 19 so far…

Folie Hitchhiker (19points)Folie Hitchhiker

(With grateful thanks to K for taking the photo, but with apologies that it was taken late at night! Next time I’ll try to get a daylight shot, so you get a better idea of the lovely colour of the yarn…)

I’ve also been working on and off on a super secret project for quite some time now, and I’ve finally plucked up the courage to start the interminable seaming!  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some pictures next time!

That’s it from me for this week, I hope you all have a good week and I’ll look forward to seeing some of you while I’m browsing the other participants in this week’s WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis, and also at Ginny’s Yarn Along.



WIP Wednesday 62

For once, I haven’t started anything new over the last week as I’ve been working on the two projects I mentioned last week…

Firstly, SP Project #6, another knitted teddy bear. I did knit it in the round, apart from the head and the arms and I’m mostly happy with the result, but I’d like to have another go sometime to see if I can do a better job of attaching the arms. I don’t particularly like the shape of the arms in this particular pattern, so I think I’ll adjust that a bit next time!

This teddy is going to be a rock-climbing teddy bear! So, as I mentioned yesterday, I had to make some rope for her to carry. This was heaps of fun to do, especially as it involved using the electric drill to create the twist!  I’m super-happy with the result, and now teddy has a coordinating rope to go with her outfit, which is obviously essential 😉 !  I’ve still got to make her shoes and her backpack, but I should get them done in time for Friday.

Teddy - almost complete Homemade ropeSP Project #6 Rock Climbing Teddy

Secondly, I’ve been making some progress with the Niemeyer, it’s really has been a quick and easy knit. I’ve completed the lace edge now, so the next job is to pick up the stitches around the edge for the short rows…

Black Niemeyer - outside Black Niemeyer - closeup

Black Niemeyer

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WIP Wednesday 61

I’ve had a pretty busy week, knitting-wise, as I decided to try to complete the Red Big Sister dress…  I’m happy to say that I succeeded 🙂 , but you’ll have to come back for FO Friday to see the photos!

I’ve cast-on a couple of new projects since then, but haven’t had much time to do much yet.

SP Project #6 will knitted be another teddy bear.  The pattern is knitted flat, but I’m going to experiment with knitting the body in the round instead.  The reason being that knitting in the round reduces the amount of seaming necessary – a good thing because seaming the first bear seemed to take almost as long as knitting the pieces in the first place! Fewer seams also reduces the chance of holes forming allowing stuffing to leak out – important because this is a gift for a child.

Below is the head, which is knitted flat, because the triangle-shape is essential for the formation of the head.  Later today, I’ll cast on for the body, which will be in the round.  If it’s a success I may write a more technical post sometime about how I did it!

Teddy - headSP Project #6 (teddy bear head)

Secondly, I’m getting ahead of myself a little here, but I’ve cast-on for a Niemeyer shawl intended as an end-of-year gift for A’s school teacher. It’s been a really quick and fun knit so far, although I can’t quite visualise how the short rows are going to work out when I reach that stage.  I intend to knit one of these for myself too at some point…

Black Niemeyer - 3 pointsNiemeyer - patternBlack Niemeyer Shawl

That’s all from me today, but do head on over to Tami’s Amis, and pop in on Ginny’s Yarn Along to see more of today’s Works-in-Progress.


Work-in-Progress Wednesday 60

I’ve got an exciting new project to show you today 🙂 .  This is the third request of the original Small Person Project.  “Please would you knit me a dress?  I’d like a red dress, with white and silver stripes…”

So here we are… a Big Sister Dress , similar to the one I knitted for Megan last year. This time I’m using King Cole Merino Blend 4 ply (superwash), and a 3.5mm needle.

I’m really pleased with my progress on this already (and I’m hoping I’ll get it done a bit faster than the two or so months M’s took me…), as you can see the bodice is done, and I’ve started on the main body of the dress. It’s a nice straightforward knit, and I’m finding it very relaxing.

BigSisterDress1BigSisterDress stripesSP Project #5 Red Big Sister Dress

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Work-in-Progress Wednesday 59

Another week, another Wednesday… actually I’ve been confused about days all week – for some reason I’m sure this must be Thursday!  Anyway, I’m knitting away on another of my Small Person Projects…  This time, another request – a cardigan knit using the same yarn I used for my Jupiter Clapotis.

So, here it is. I’m using the same pattern I used for M’s Hug Me shrug.  The back is complete, and I decided to pick up the sleeve on circular needles, to save on seaming later!  It’s working pretty well (although, obviously I had to adjust the pattern accordingly).

Jupiter cardiJupiter - feather and fan patternSP Project #3 Jupiter Hug Me Shrug

PS The eagle-eyed among you will be asking, but what happened to SP Project #2?  Well you’ll see that on Friday – it’s already done!

PPS Not knitting, but K would probably have me show you this WIP too…  my friend and I are having our own sew-along “Make your own bag”!

Messenger bag - liningMessenger Bag – lining fabric

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Work-in-Progress Wednesday 58

It’s time for Work-in-Progress Wednesday again, and this week I’ve been working on another Zig-zag Moebius Cowl.  A while back I picked up some Fyberspates Scrumptious DK in charcoal – it’s a 55% merino/45% silk blend, and feels as delicious as its name 🙂 – and I’ve been wanting a snuggly warm cowl to wear with my black coat for some time. I enjoyed knitting this cowl the first time round, so I thought I’d make one for myself.  I’m nearly finished, but here it is:

Moebius cowlCharcoal Moebius Cowl

I’ve also been working on another quick project – another pair of One Cable Mitts, again for myself, and again in charcoal (to match the cowl).  One is nearly complete, but another couple of days should see them both done.

Charcoal One Cable Mitts Charcoal One Cable Mitts*

* With thanks to K for the arty shot of the mitts!

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Work-in-Progress Wednesday 57

There are a number of special small people in my life and, while I was visiting some of them recently, they watched me knitting and each requested that I knit them something specific.  Thus the SP Project (small person) was borne.

The first request required a departure from my normal knitting style – the request was for a knitted teddy bear… gulp!  In a fortuitous circumstance, I received this little booklet through the post recently, Knitted Bears by Val Pierce. So, here is my very first attempt at a knitted bear, ready for its clothes and to have some facial features added…

First ever teddyTeddy bear

SP Project #1 – the teddy bear

As my Clapotis is completed (alas not blocked), and I haven’t had time to cast-on for my next project, that’s it from me this week – I’m off to knit a teddy bear dress!

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Work-in-Progress Wednesday 56

Apart from knitting the little mitts last week, I’ve been hard at work on my Clapotis. I’ve finally completed the main section, and am now working on the decreases, so the end is in sight!

I’m pretty happy with the scarf, but I bought way too much yarn! However, one of my nieces is angling for a cardi made from this yarn, so that might be the next project…

Jupiter Clapotis - sections 1-3

Jupiter Clapotis

Jupiter Clapotis - dropped stitches

 Jupiter Clapotis – dropped stitches

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