Quieted, good use of time, and cast on.

1) This morning I was visited by (amongst others) by a very small fractious boy. Cuddled in his mummy’s arms, he eventually succumbed to sleep.  When he awoke, he was a much happier baby!

2) I was doing Parent Help this afternoon, and had several jobs to do. Frustratingly, for a time, I was stopped on all the tasks the teacher had asked me to do. Then I realised that I could put the time to good use, and completed a task of my own (photocopying flyers for the Christmas Fayre!). By the time that was done, the people I needed to talk to had returned, and I was able to complete all the teacher’s tasks too 🙂 .

3) To finally cast-on for a wee project for my boy – he asked me to knit him a cover for his mobile phone 🙂 .

Tea? Impromptu, and celebrations.

1) I’ve been up at school a lot over the last few weeks – doing PA related things, or parent help related things. I happened to be doing a lot of photocopying last week and twice one of the helpers offered to make me a cup of tea!  I really must be becoming a part of the scenery!

2) An impromptu dinner with friends on Saturday.

3) Some of my friends took me out yesterday for Afternoon Tea, thus my birthday celebrations started a whole week early 🙂 . I feel very blessed to have such lovely friends! We all appreciated a child-free afternoon – and those who made said child-free afternoon possible!

Fixed, wave, and not wet.

1) K arrived home and disappeared for a while. Later on, I noticed that the broken hinge on my lap top had been repaired 🙂 . Thanks K!

2) A cheery wave as a friend drives past in their car.

3) I had to take the car up to school this afternoon (I had to bring some heavy items home), and I was able to park very close to the entrance. Later on, when it was time to go home, I was doubly glad when the kids and I went out to discover a torrential downpour!

Long walk, second run, and dinner.

1) A long walk in the autumn sunshine – all golds and greens, and clear blue skies.

2) A and I went for our second run – he was really keen to go, even though it was harder today – it was windy and cold. But it was good, and we’re both apreciating the time to chat.

3) A crisp toad-in-the-hole, made from left-over sausages barbequed in the summer and frozen.

Re-stock, socks, and flowers.

1) To go shopping and re-stock the fridge and the cupboards. And the supermarket have restocked A’s favourite smoothies, so he’s going to be a happy boy at lunch tomorrow 🙂 .

2) That moment when the thin patch on your socks suddenly wears through and a huge hole appears while you’re walking… I treated myself to some new socks today – the ones I have on are pretty: black with thin stripes of silver, grey and purple. More importantly, they are warm and comfortable, and only have the holes they are meant to have.

3) Deep red velvety roses, accompanied by fairy-like freesias.

Special breakfast, social, and winners!

1) We had “special breakfast” this morning for the first time in ages. A veritable feast of freshly-cooked hot waffles, crispy bacon, and maple syrup. The perfect start to the day!

2) An afternoon with the youth group… making pizzas, and then playing games – remember the “chocolate game”? Roll a six, dress up in scarf, hat and gloves, then use a knife and fork to cut a bar of chocolate and eat it square by square…  That one. And many more :-). Awesome fun.

3) The team from 1st Polmont Boy’s Brigade won the Falkirk and District Battalion Junior Section Spiritual Trophy this afternoon…  my boy was part of that team. I’m a very proud mum today 🙂 .

IMG_1905Aidan and the trophy!

Morning, more time, and extra hour.

1) A morning to myself – I got all sorts of things done, and ticked off the list.

2) After lunch we went to the new Helix Park. While K and M went for a rollerblade session together, A and I went for a run. Afterwards, A said that he hoped we would do this regularly – that this way he gets to spend more time with me 🙂 .

3) The prospect of going to bed knowing that, as the clocks go back tonight, we’ll get a whole extra hour in bed tomorrow morning 🙂 .

Relief, no need to cook, and mincemeat.

1) The relief on my friend’s face when the news broke that the Ineos plant was no longer going to close…

2) An unexpected dinner invitation for this evening.

3) I’ve finally found time to make my Christmas mincemeat, and now the whole house is filled with the warm spicy aroma which reminds me of dark winter evenings, warm cosy houses, and family and friends.


Autumn, three boys, and new needles.

1) We rounded the corner and were greeted by late afternoon autumn sunlight, reflecting on the russets, crimsons, golds and greens of leaves on the trees.

2) A came out of Rotakids happy and excited – he was the only boy in the club last year, and this year there are three :-).

3) Some new knitting needles arrived today – they are just as smooth and lovely to work with as I was hoping. I’m looking forward to knitting with them 🙂 .

Homework, takes me back, and nice.

1) M arrived home from school and settled down straight away to do her homework, without even being asked!

2) Lemon bon bons. A taste of childhood, bought at the Traditional Sweet Shop at the Crich Tramway Village when we visited at the weekend. I’d forgotten how yummy they are (and how much better they are than the scarily blue raspberry ones – yuk)!

3) Nice comments on my blog earlier encouraged me, when I was feeling a little despondent. Thank you to those who commented – I love to hear from you!