Crescent, duck pond, and syphon.

1) The merest sliver of a silvery crescent moon, framed by skies coloured with gentle peaches and lilacs and gold, greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.

2) It was a cold, crisp, clear day, perfect for a walk in the park with a friend. The duck pond was mostly frozen over, but there was still a small patch of water, and the ducks had all congragated there.

3) K’s cunning syphon system is doing a great job of watering our Christmas tree… that said, it is drinking so much water at the moment, that it takes the watchful eyes of A, M and me to keep the water supply topped up!

Christmas Tree, party, and tablet.

From Saturday:

1) K and the kids brought home our Christmas tree – it sits in place, unadorned as yet, but somehow its piney freshness and luxuriant deep green appearance brighten up the room.

2) We took the kids to K’s work Children’s Christmas Party… they had heaps of fun, running around, playing games, having stunning face painting, dancing, watching the magic show, eating delicious food, balloon art, and a visit from Santa.  A was delighted with his LED Bike Lights, and M loves her Letraset Manga Drawing starter set*.

Aidan**, and Beautiful Butterfly Megan

3) We made a start on some of the Christmas baking…  we feel that we’ve finally cracked our tablet recipe – this batch just melts in the mouth.  I’m now wondering if any will be allowed to find its way to the intended recipients…

Tablet Mountain

* A commented afterwards that he always got such good presents at this party, and wondered if we had anything to do with the choice… 😉

** Just how tall is my boy getting?! 🙂

Relaxing after a busy weekend.

1) To sit down at the end of an insanely busy weekend, safe in the knowledge that (practically) everything was achieved.

2)  Our school Christmas Fayre seems to have been a resounding success once again 🙂 .  I’ve heard so many comments since then about how much people have enjoyed it.

3) Today was our church youth group Christmas lunch – it was so lovely to spend a few hours chilling out with them… and then to spend a couple more hours relaxing with our fellow leaders after all the kids had gone!

Glühwein, baking, and staying home.

1) Mum and I met a friend in Edinburgh this morning. After lunch, we wandered through Princes Street Gardens, where the Christmas Street Fair, and German Market were just finishing setting up.  We sipped piping hot glühwein as we walked.

2) Yesterday I baked six (well, eight really) cakes.  Today I covered and decorated them.  A big job, but hopefully they’ll sell well on Saturday, and it will all have been worthwhile!

3) My friend picked up A when I dropped M off at Explorer’s.  Later, she brought both children back home, which meant I didn’t need to go out again 🙂 . Thanks R!!

Fun with friends.

1) Weekend fun with friends: an Advent Craft Fayre, a play in the park, afternoon tea out, an enormous Torchlight Procession, Christmas Carols round the tree, culminating in the switching on of the Christmas Tree Lights.

2) The kids settled fairly quickly to sleep, and we settled down with a glass of Prosecco (to celebrate our anniversary), and an evening of catching up.

3) We went to see the Prehistoric Autopsy Exhibition on Sunday afternoon – the models were incredibly lifelife, and the kids were fascinated by the whole exhibit.

Holiday at home: the last day.

1) I’m a little later than I normally like to be, but I finally made my Christmas mincemeat today. The aroma permeated the whole house – that warm spicy fruity smell which always reminds me of dark nights and cosy evenings spent with friends…

2) The kids spent a lovely afternoon running around the soft play having lots of fun, and getting very hot, playing with their friends. I spent a lovely afternoon watching them play, and catching up with their mum.  K spent a (lovely) afternoon… cleaning the bathrooms. (His choice, I feel constrained to add!)

3) Tomorrow the kids return to school, so this evening was spent going through school bags, making sure lunches were made, forms were filled in, homework was complete, uniforms were laid out in readiness… there’s some comfort in the return to routine.

Making, decorations and giving.

Wow – this week has been busy…

1) In the run-up to Christmas, I’ve made multiple hats and scarves, a shawl, 78 mince pies, a chocolate fudge cake, a gingerbread house, gingerbread biscuits, 7 Christmas cakes and a batch of brownies… that’s what I can remember anyway 🙂

2) Most of the hanging decorations on my Christmas tree are stars – I love their special reminder of what Christmas is really about.

3) K calls me to tell me that he’s found the perfect present for a special little girl. It’s the last of the planned gifts for this Christmas.