Putting, evening walk, and moon.

1) The kids were keen to practise their putting, and spent ages hitting ball after ball. They worked hard, and are doing well 🙂 .

2) The night was so beautiful that, after dinner, we decided to go for an evening walk. I took everyone on one of my favourite walks – one that includes amazing views of the Forth valley, fields of horses (to delight a small girl), and a walk through the fields of the local farm.

3) The shadowy form of the moon rose high in the evening sky – the promise of the silver disc gleaming in clear skies of later hours.

Two of us, rising moon, and together.

1) A and I went to the library, then to Hobbycraft this afternoon. It was lovely having some “just the two of us” time. And nice that he’s still at the age to be happy to chat about his day and what he’s been up to.

2) To discover that the moon, which had just risen, was now a great golden orb hovering just above the horizon, in the early evening sky. Beautiful.

3) I’ve had some fabric stashed away for ages, awaiting its transformation into a bag.  My friend also had some fabric for a similar reason. This evening she came round, and we began the tiresome job of marking out the pattern on the fabric. Somehow doing it together made it a whole lot less frustrating, and a whole lot more fun 🙂 .

Crescent, duck pond, and syphon.

1) The merest sliver of a silvery crescent moon, framed by skies coloured with gentle peaches and lilacs and gold, greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.

2) It was a cold, crisp, clear day, perfect for a walk in the park with a friend. The duck pond was mostly frozen over, but there was still a small patch of water, and the ducks had all congragated there.

3) K’s cunning syphon system is doing a great job of watering our Christmas tree… that said, it is drinking so much water at the moment, that it takes the watchful eyes of A, M and me to keep the water supply topped up!

Recipe, silver moon, and sleeping.

1) I went to look for a recipe, only to discover that it had been lost when the hard drive crashed a while back. After a bit of hunting, I discovered that I’d emailed a copy to a friend.  Problem solved 🙂 , and eight cakes are now in the oven.

2) As the sun began to set, the moon rose silver-bright in the pink late afternoon sky.

3) She was tired, and snuggled up in bed, even though her brother was still out at Cubs. Within moments she was sound asleep.