School run, pansies, and organisation.

1) The kids enjoy the walk to school this morning – they are both bouncy and happy, and seem to be looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

2) Despite the cooling of the temperatures, and the increasing greyness of the days, I notice that the pansies I planted way back in spring are still bright and beautiful and going strong 🙂 .

3) I spent some time today putting together the Agenda, and checking over the Minutes from the last meeting, and generally getting all my paperwork into order for tomorrow night’s meeting.

Roses, peas, and agreement.

1) A riot of tiny pale pink roses frame either side of their driveway.

2) Two bowls, a large pile of peas, and one very happy small girl.  M loves peas fresh from the pod.

3) I go shopping, look twice, then go home.  Later, I take K there for a second opinion. With any hints, he immediately chooses the one I preferred too.  Job done 🙂 .

On the way, home and dry, and true colours.

1) A arrives home from a visit to Grandpa’s with a couple of print-outs, and a very smiley face… The piece of homework isn’t yet done, but is well on the way :-).

2) I enjoy a long walk on a lovely sunny morning. As I’m relaxing with a cuppa on my arrival home, I glance up to notice the sky has suddenly darkened, and moments later it’s pouring with rain.

3) The closed tulips, which were orange yesterday, have now begun to open revealing red petals fringed with golden yellow.

Straightforward, light, cherry blossom

1) The day which could have been a bit crazy, turned out to be quite straightforward as everything just fell into place.

2) Sunlight hitting the Ochils, just a few isolated patches of snow remaining on their summits.

3) K pruned a section of our cherry tree, now I have several branches in vases around the house. Their pretty white blossoms remind me that spring is here.


Sorry about the lack of posting recently*, but here’s some 3BT from the last couple of days…

1) K has spent a chunk of time over the last couple of evenings doing some stuff to improve the internet connectivity of my laptop, and also freeing up a huge chunk of space on the hard drive. Consequently, I have a much happier computer, and a more reliable internet source 🙂 . Thanks K xxx.

2) Photos of pink blossom adorning trees are prolific in the blogosphere at the moment – love it.

3) A Mother’s Day Gift – these stitch markers are even more gorgeous in real life!

* see 1) for part of the problem…

Walk to school, skiing, and WIP Wednesday.

1) Pale pink blossom speckles brown branches, golden daffodils sway in the breeze, gardens bloom with spring-bright colours, I walk to the sound of bird song, and a flock of geese, arranged in perfect V-formation, fly overhead.

2) He doesn’t feel like going skiing today but does regardless, and comes away from his lesson flushed with success of improvement, having heard words of praise from his instructor.

3) I’ve been beavering away on my Spring Project #2 (a baby cardigan), and in odd moments managed a row or two on my lacy scarf – the scarf is likely to be a long term project, but with the back and one side of the front of the cardigan finally completed, and the second side about half-way there, I’m hoping to have an FO to show you come Friday!

Tami’s got links to lots of today’s Works-in-Progress, if you’d like to check some more out!

Garden, tidy, and crocus

1) Hidden away in a corner, a tiny garden bursting with the colours of a rainbow of primulas.

2) The kids finish dinner and clear away the dishes, and tidy up downstairs. All without being prompted to do so.

3) The crocus that M brought home has opened up in the warmth of the house. Its beautiful white petals encase glorious golden stamens.

Spring, shimmer and sleep.

1) It might be cold and frosty outside, but tiny daffodil shoots are fighting their way through in the back garden. They are just taller than the grass.

2) The deck shimmers, as if encrusted with a million tiny diamonds, glittering in the moonlight.

3) It’s later to bed than planned for the kids, but the plus side is they settle very quickly, with little fuss 🙂 .