A week’s worth of 3BT

1) It’s the school holidays – lovely having the freedom to do what we want, when we want, without being regulated by school runs, bells and schedules.

2) A day out at the zoo with friends.

3) An entirely unexpected invitation… no, make that two unexpected invitations 🙂 .

4) A tangle of peas, leafy broccoli, baby carrots, delicious spinach and curly kale… and my beautiful orange lilies burst into glorious flower today.

5) Bumping into my wee brother at the supermarket – only a moment or two to chat, but it was lovely to catch up.

6) Sharing recipes.

7) Drinking a cuppa, sitting on our deck in the warmth of the late evening, watching another spectacular sunset.

A week’s worth of 3BT

Has it really been a week since I last posted?

1) A fab weekend away with friends – wish we could have stayed longer.

2) A scalp massage which nearly sends me to sleep.

3) Watching M win several of her races at Sport’s Day.

4) The sound of nearly 400 voices singing in harmony.

5) A golden day full of sunshine.

6) An impromptu barbecue.

7) Two compliments from different first-time visitors to my home. We have a restful home – if only they knew reality – but I’m chuffed that my décor is conveying what I hoped it would. I love that they see a lovely garden, while all I see is everything that needs to be done. I must try to view it through their eyes more often.

On the plus side, a good job well done and oil

1) A silver lining – despite the fact I’ve spent the last couple of days painstakingly unpicking two days worth of knitting, I know that I will be able to do a much better job of the new technique second time round!

2) A weekend of hard, but satisfying work leaves the garden in much better shape. We’re nearly finished!

3) K goes out late on a Sunday evening to get oil for the car, to save me from having to do during what is shaping up to be a ridiculously busy week. Thanks my love xxx

Sunset, sleeping children and starlit gardens

1) Sunset – a glorious one over the Ochils… and the important bit – it didn’t happen until 1733! Oh how I’m loving these longer days!

2) Successfully calming two hyper kids down to become two quiet, peaceful children who curled up in bed and went to sleep straight away – result!

3) Frost and starlight transforming my garden into a sparkling twinkling place.

Shoots, carpets and quiet

I’ve missed a couple of days (been very busy), so here’s three beautiful things from Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

1) the first shoot of spring.  I noticed this in the garden on Friday morning:

2) choosing new carpets for our stairs, hall, new guest room (we’re moving the kids into the bigger bedroom) and our bedroom!  K and I had so much fun choosing them yesterday!

3) a quiet hour with Aidan, when K and M were at church.  A and I didn’t go as he’s got a cold, so we just had a lovely quiet time together 🙂 .