Smile, gym, and writing.

1) In distinct contrast to her predecessor, the new proprietress of our local coffee shop worked with a smile and a cheery manner 🙂 .

2) Back to the gym at last – and I came away wondering why I’ve put it off for the last week!

3) A wrote a story at school recently – he came home very excited as he’s going to be awarded a “Good Work” star for it at the next Success Assembly at school. Very proud 🙂 .

Gym, catch-up, and better.

1) I make it to the gym for the first time in several weeks – it felt great to be back there again.

2) The girls are at a party. The boys are playing in the next room. We sit at the table and have a proper catch-up over a pot of tea.

3) The news is better than we anticipated 🙂 .

Indomitable, perfect timing and memory.

1) At the gym this morning, I watched a documentary following a helicopter paramedic crew. One call-out they received was to a man suffering a severe crush injury, and the programme followed some of his recovery, including an interview with his doctor. The doctor explained that with an injury like this, how well the patient recovered depended mainly on their own determination to do so.

Later, when I went to the weights room, I held the door open for a gentleman who literally shuffled along. My initial thought was “why is he here? He can hardly walk!”. But then I realised that he was the epitome of what that doctor was talking about – the determination of a spirit which will not give up.

2) The telephone engineer arrived 24 hours earlier than we expected. K called me on my mobile, and I was able to get home within five minutes of his arrival at our door.

3) For dinner I make the same meal as I made the first time I ever cooked for K – that was fourteen years ago!

A crazy couple of days…

Two crazy days, but some good things from yesterday:

1) School went back yesterday – it’s good to get back into routine.

2) I made it to the gym, and had a really good work-out.

3) Jewellery-making with a friend.

and from today:

1) Today I had plans. The actual events of the day bore little resemblance to those plans. But I can still end the day by saying it was a Good Day.

2) Finally meeting up with special friends whom we haven’t seen for over a year 🙂 .

3) Some days require chocolate. Today was one of them. Chocolate helped :-)!

Baking, Cool, Success!

1) The gorgeous warm fruity scent of baking mince pies wafts out of the open oven.

2) I walk back to my car, enjoying the fresh cold air, after a hard work-out at the gym.

3) It took six of us to push her out, but we eventually succeeded in getting her car out of the icy ruts in the car park.

Grumps, Gym cards and Nice People

1) I decided to take a different approach today and successfully cajoled Megan out of her grump earlier today – this meant we had two happy and relaxed people on the way to nursery drop-off today, instead of two tired and stressed ones, as has happened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.

2) I couldn’t find my gym card on arrival at the gym this afternoon (despite knowing I’d put it in my pocket prior to leaving the house), but the receptionist was extremely nice about it and let me in anyway 🙂 .

3) I couldn’t find my gym card on arrival at the gym this afternoon (despite knowing I’d put it in my pocket prior to leaving the house), but when I went to pick M up from nursery, the nice ladies there handed it back to me 🙂 🙂 .

Friends, Gym and Icecream

1) Seeing Aidan walking out of school with two of his school friends – this is a first! He normally comes running straight across to me, but today he was chatting – and if you know Aidan, you’ll understand just why this was such a special moment for me 🙂 .

2) Discovering I did, in fact, have the energy to make it to the end of my session on the cross-trainer!

3) Sunday’s strawberry ice-cream – a forgotten treat 🙂