Back, new project, and independence.

1) The restoration of some semblance of routine and normality this week, and to find I finally have some time to myself.

2) Choosing yarn for a new project, one that I’ve been requested to knit. I’ve been imagining how lovely the new project will be (such a gorgeous colour and texture!), and now I can’t wait for the yarn to arrive now so that I can cast on and get started 🙂 .

3) A was off school today (thankfully he seems to be on the mend now), so M had to take a bit more responsibility as I couldn’t walk her home from school as normal – “I can walk all the way home on my own if you want, Mummy”. I didn’t feel that today was the day to ask that of her, but I did ask her to walk to just beyond her friend’s house.

At home time, I parked the car just beyond the house, and could watch M and her friend walking towards me from a distance. They appeared to have a lovely time chatting and I was able to watch her observe the road rules perfectly, without her knowing I was watching. She loved that little bit of independence, and I’m proud that she proved herself worthy of my trust in her 🙂 .

FO Friday 49

It’s quite a while since I last wrote an FO Friday post, so I’ve got some catching up to do!

First up, here’s the little Ballet bear I knitted for M’s birthday. I haven’t quite got the size of the dress right,  but M didn’t want to wait for me to re-knit it!

Ballet Bear for Megan - completeBallet Bear for Megan

Secondly, K’s Alpha socks. From the amount of wear they are receiving, I’m fairly confident they are much loved 🙂 🙂 .  Here they are in action!

Alpha socks - done!Alpha Socks - nice and cosyAlpha Socks - side viewAlpha Socks - heel flapAlpha Socks – all done!

And finally, here’s M’s Cherry Blossom – again, it’s been worn lots already, so I think it’s a hit – for a cardi knitted from recycled yarn, it was a cheap, fun knit and I’m pretty happy with the result!

Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom - back Cherry Blossom - lace pattern Megan, her cardi and her bear.Megan, wearing Cherry Blossom for girls, and enjoying her new bear!

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Quieted, good use of time, and cast on.

1) This morning I was visited by (amongst others) by a very small fractious boy. Cuddled in his mummy’s arms, he eventually succumbed to sleep.  When he awoke, he was a much happier baby!

2) I was doing Parent Help this afternoon, and had several jobs to do. Frustratingly, for a time, I was stopped on all the tasks the teacher had asked me to do. Then I realised that I could put the time to good use, and completed a task of my own (photocopying flyers for the Christmas Fayre!). By the time that was done, the people I needed to talk to had returned, and I was able to complete all the teacher’s tasks too 🙂 .

3) To finally cast-on for a wee project for my boy – he asked me to knit him a cover for his mobile phone 🙂 .

WIP Wednesday 89

I’ve been working away on my Christmas bears over the last week or so…  So far, I’ve knitted six heads (triangle-shaped), six pairs of boots, and (almost) six hats.  My thanks go to K for making the six tiny pompoms for the hats!

Christmas Bears - heads, hats and bootsChristmas Bears – heads, hats and boots

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Autumn, three boys, and new needles.

1) We rounded the corner and were greeted by late afternoon autumn sunlight, reflecting on the russets, crimsons, golds and greens of leaves on the trees.

2) A came out of Rotakids happy and excited – he was the only boy in the club last year, and this year there are three :-).

3) Some new knitting needles arrived today – they are just as smooth and lovely to work with as I was hoping. I’m looking forward to knitting with them 🙂 .

WIP Wednesday 88

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last updated you on knitting progress…  I’ve completed Cherry Blossom – M loves it, and has worn it lots already 🙂 , but I haven’t really had much time to start a new (big) project.  I’m doing some knitting for the school Christmas Fayre, so much of my current knitting is the sort of stuff you’ve already seen…  But, here we have another red A Little Bit Bohemian (this really was just using up stash yarn).

Another Red ALBB - 36 pointsA Little Bit Bohemian – 36 points

I’ve also been working on my teddy-in-the-round pattern…  this one is nearly there, I want to shorten the arms fractionally, and shorten the body, and lengthen the legs (without changing the overall height).  I’m also converting the dress pattern to be in the round – I’m not too happy how this one looks at present – but it is very much still a WIP!!  This bear is for M, and she’s very happy anyway 🙂 .  I still need to knit the shoes, and trim the dress.

Megan's bear - minus accessoriesBear-for-Megan – minus accessories

My plan is to make some Christmas versions of this bear for the Fayre, so I guess you’ll see more of them in the weeks ahead!

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WIP Wednesday 87

Guess what? I finally finished the second Alpha sock!! Photos on Friday (although they are already in use, so pics might be slightly tricky!).

Cherry Blossom is progressing nicely.  I knitted the second sleeve, added another lace repeat to the body, and joined on the sleeves to the body. I realised I was going to run out of yarn about halfway through the top section (this yarn is being recycled from a different project, which is why the tension looks so wonky at the moment), so I switched to some lovely Koigu yarn I had kicking around, held it double as it was 4 ply, and knit a band of that at the top. The photo really doesn’t do it justice (but it’s a very dark day here in rainy Scotland), but it does look quite pretty, I think.

I’ve done the picot edging around the neck, but again hit upon the running-out-of yarn problem.  So for the two front bands, I’ve decided to do an applied I-cord bind-off. You can see I’ve managed one side so far.  I’m actually very happy with how it looks, so I’ll do the second side later today, then it’s just a case of sewing the underarm seams, weaving in the ends, sewing down the picot edge around the neckband, knitting and attaching the ties, and then block, block, block!!

Cherry Blossom - almost complete Cherry Blossom - neckline Cherry Blossom - applied I-cord Cherry Blossom - sleeveCherry Blossom – almost done!

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Time, stretching, and missing Daddy.

1) This morning was the first “normal” morning that I’ve had in the last three weeks. It was good – I was able to get on top of the housework, and even found a little time to knit 🙂 .

2) I went to Pilates this afternoon, having missed last week because A was off school. It was hard work, but it felt so good to stretch and work the kinks out!

3) The kids have been super-good all week, but they are really missing their daddy, and there were tears from both before bedtime. So, cuddles and prayers, and reminders that it’s only two more sleeps…

WIP Wednesday 86

Is that another week gone by already? I must have blinked, because I think I missed it!

The good news is that I am still making forward progress 🙂 .  I’m nearly finished my second Alpha sock!  I’ve set myself the goal of having it completed for K’s return at the weekend. Barring my life going mad again over the next few days (there’s no guarantee that it won’t though 🙁 ), I ought to manage it.

Alpha Sock 2 - nearly doneAlpha Sock 2 – nearly there!

I’ve also finished the first sleeve for Cherry Blossom.  I haven’t had time to cast on the second one though.

Cherry Blossom - sleeve oneCherry Blossom – sleeve 1

PS Please forgive the dodgy photos taken on my phone – K ran off to Bangkok with my camera!

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WIP Wednesday 85

It’s been another busy busy week.  I’m looking forward to life calming down!  I got the little teddy completed in time and it’s found its way to its new home.  But I’ve made slow progress on my two main projects.

Firstly, my Alpha Sock now has half a heel flap!

Alpha Sock, with half a heel flapAlpha Sock, with half a heel flap

Second up, I’ve completed the lace section of the body of Cherry Blossom, and just started on the first sleeve. You can see the picot edge on the cuff if you look closely!

Cherry Blossom - first sleeve cuffCherry Blossom – first sleeve cuff

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