Melting, she did good, and plans.

1) It snowed again last night, and we reluctantly met for a cuppa instead of our planned walk. As we drank our tea, we realised that the snow was rapidly disappearing, and we went out for our walk after all.

2) M was one of the narrators in her school concert today, and she did incredibly well – word-perfect, every word clear and audible, and a beautiful smile on her face the entire time.  Definitely a proud Mummy moment 🙂 .

(Megan has just written an account of her concert here…)

3) Planning our holiday – good fun!

Hard at work, snow evening, and making rope.

1) A’s class has an open afternoon at school today and I arrive to find him hard at work, creating a “Wanted” poster for William Wallace (for King Edward 1). Around the classroom are examples of the work they’ve been doing as they’ve learned about this section of Scottish history – it’s all excellent, and it’s really clear how much they’ve been enjoying it.

2) Throughout the day, it snows and melts and snows and melts and snows and melts… By evening, as the temperature drops, the snow begins to lie and we decide it would be foolish to risk taking A to Cubs, and K heads out on foot for his meeting. Five minutes later, I receive a phone call telling me that the meeting is cancelled. I call K on his mobile, and he returns home. I’m glad to have everyone home, safe, and out of the weather.

3) I need to make some rope (out of yarn) and find this article explaining how to do so. Realising that I need a reasonable amount of rope, K pulls out the power drill to assist with the twisting. It works beautifully – in a matter of mere moments, I have a length of beautiful homemade rope, which coordinates perfectly with my rock-climbing teddy’s outfit! (Check back for WIP Wednesday tomorrow if you want to see pics!)

Walk, hair cut, and conversation.

1) The kids and I left early for school this morning – normally we end up in quite a rush. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and we all enjoyed the walk to school.

2) The kids both had their hair cut this afternoon – they both looked so smart afterwards!

3) Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of my mum. It went something like this…

“Are you the daughter who knits then?”

“I do knit, yes”, said I.

“I don’t knit anything as complicated as you do, but I have to thank you for helping me!”

I was somewhat baffled…

“Oh”, she went on, “inadvertently of course. I’d knitted something and it was too small, and I was going to give it to my granddaughter, but then your mum told me to try blocking it. I did, and it worked! It fits perfectly now!”.


Socks, Flashbacks, and winter walk.

1) I went into the dance shop to buy some ballet socks for M this morning. The shop owner asked if it was exam time again, to which I replied yes (M has been put forward for her Primary grade ballet exam in March). She was most interested in the dates of the exams, and went on to explain that she would now go ahead and order in extra socks, hair nets, kirby grips and so on…

2) On the way home from school M was explaining that everyone in her class has been moved to sit at a new table, and that each table has a different name.  Her table, she informed me, was called Flashbacks. She went on to say “but I don’t know why, Mummy.  None of us have flashing backs…” 🙂

3) My meeting this evening was over pretty quickly, and the sleet had stopped, so I enjoyed a lovely not-too-cold walk home through the wintery evening.

No complaints, taste, and back to routine.

1) Having tidied the art cupboard and the games shelves a few days ago, this afternoon we turned our attention to the Activity Box…  Everything is now in order, and the kids have no excuses for complaining of being bored… 🙂

2) A tiny taste of pork crackling – crisp, rich, and juicy.

3) To make packed lunches, sort school bags, and set out school clothes.  A few weeks ago I looked forward to the break (and I very much appreciated it at the time too 🙂 ), but now I’m looking forward to the familiarity of routine.

Phsyio, can we help? and pizza.

1) The physio worked hard on my neck and shoulder which was pretty sore at times, but by the end of the session I could definitely move more freely.  What’s scary is that I hadn’t really realised how “stuck” (to use the physio’s description) my neck has been…

2) I walked into the shop and two assistants immediately sprang to attention: “Can we help?”.  I told them what I was looking for, they took me to it, I bought it, and was on my way back to the car, all within the space of about three minutes.

3) A came home from school excited having been on a school trip to Frankie and Benny’s, where they made their own pizza, and then ate it for lunch.

It’s okay, breathe easy, and safe.

1) The house key is in the door and I’m outside de-icing the car.  M comes out shuts the door, and brings me the key. I take the key, we jump in the car and off we go 🙂 . Two hours later I return, put the key in the door, and realise that the door had been closed, but was unlocked*. Once again, I’m grateful that we live in a fairly safe neighbourhood!

2) When I head up to school at lunchtime, I can’t find my bag.  I don’t worry too much, reassuring myself that I must have put in down in an unusual place when I returned to the house earlier (cf 1)). Four hours later, I return… I look for my bag. And I can’t find it. I look some more, and I still can’t find it.  And I look still more, and I still can’t find it.  Did it somehow fall out the car in the shopping centre carpark this morning? Surely I would have noticed? I check the car for the third time.  And I find my bag.

3) I spend the afternoon in school helping to set up for tomrrow’s Christmas Fayre.  M’s teacher personally escorts her to the school hall and brings her to me. A little later, one of the playground assistants tells me that she’d been watching A as he left the school at lunchtime to come out to the car (he was coming home for lunch).  I’m so grateful for the diligence of the staff at the school, that they know my children, they know me, and they make sure my kids are safe 🙂 .

* Lessons in how to lock up the house properly commence tomorrow!!

** I’m seriously contemplating putting a fluorsecent stripe down the side – a small black bag is far too easy to lose!

Pyjamas, murmuration, and spotted.

1) M skipped out of school this afternoon… In great excitment, she said “Mummy, Mummy! Guess what? We’re allowed to wear our pyjamas to school on Friday [for Children In Need], but we have to pay 50p!! Please can I? Can I?”!!

2) A spotted a murmuration this afternoon on the way home from school.  “Look! Mummy, Megan! Look at the birds!!”.

3) I found the camera before I even started looking for it! I’d gone out to look in the car boot for something completely different (which wasn’t there), when I spotted the camera hidden away. I brought it in, reflecting as I did so, that I was very grateful that I’d found it, because I had been planning to use it later in the day and I really don’t think that I would have thought to look in the boot tidy for it!

A few short minutes, all okay, and homework.

1) I took the long way home from school this morning and, as a result, walked back into the estate via the road… As I walked, I was passed by the patient transport ambulance, off to pick up the elderley lady further up the street to take her to daycare; the supermarket delivery van was the next to pass by, closely followed by the “my local farm” delivery van. Several cars went in and out, and finally a builder’s van – our neighbours a few doors down are having a new kitchen put in. And then I reached home.

2) The children work hard on their homework when we come home from school. M reads her story beautifully, then we work together to pull out the six main points. A has fun with alliterative sentences, practises his handwriting as he does his spelling, and then heads to the computer to do his maths homework – his homework is in his school account on Manga High, a maths game website, which looks heaps of fun!

3) We go round to a friend’s place this afternoon.  While the children play, my friend is trying to cook their dinner, and plan her new kitchen, which is being put in next week.  She’s very stressed and worried as she has realised that there might be a problem with one of the items she’s ordered. So we spend the better part of an hour measuring, and discussing, and looking things up. Eventually we work out that, even though it looks like the item she wants would be too big, it’s actually smaller than what she has already, so it’s all okay after all!

Extra time, parcel, and bedtime story.

1) My Mum picked up M from school this afternoon, and A was at Rotakids (after-school club), so I had an extra hour in my day 🙂 .

2) A parcel arrives, and it contains exactly what I was hoping for.

3) Listening to K reading a bedtime story to the kids – Charlie and Lola: I’m not sleepy and I will not go to bed. He personalises it to match what they are doing… Great hilarity ensues!