Together, four for lunch, and sunset.

1) On the way home from dropping the kids at school, I bumped into a friend. We walked home through the cold crisp morning together.

2) K arrived safely home from London this morning, and the kids came home for lunch. It was a rare treat, a mid-week lunch for four 🙂 .

3) As we got in the car, A exclaimed “look at the lovely sky, Mummy!”. He was right, it was very much worth looking at – and, if the number of photos shared on Facebook of that same sunset was anything to go by, lots of others agreed with us!

Early, warm enough, and fireworks.

1) K is up and away early to catch a flight this morning. I wake long enough to bid him good journey, then snuggle down into the warmth of my bed, and sleep for another two hours.

2) It’s not too cold, and I walk home at sunset, enjoying the colourful sky.

3) We drive up to the top of the hill, and sit a while watching multiple glorious displays of fireworks spanning across the whole valley.

Autumn light, playing in the park, and WIP Wednesday

1) The sun shimmers through the leaves of the tree bearing the first autumn colours, and the whole tree seems to glow in the sunlight. Later, the shyest of rainbows appears briefly, before disappearing from view.

2) M and I spin on the roundabout, feeling the breeze in our hair, and watching the world go round. Then we swing higher and higher, before slowing to look for cloud pictures in the evening sky.

3) Progress is being made on my two major projects of the moment, my Wendy Tank Top, and the Hitchhiker shawlette.  I’ve completed the ribbing on the tank now, and am on to the main part of the body.  In Hitchhiker news, I’ve completed 22 of the 42 points.  Sounds good?  In terms of number of stitches to complete the garment, I’m not nearly halfway through – the real half-way point lies somewhere between points 29 and 30.  Sigh!

In other knitty-type news, I’ve finally cast-on Autumn Project #2 – Pompom handwarmers (sorry no pics, but my camera battery died right after I took the pic of the Hitchhiker – you’re not missing much though – just 10 rows or so of a P2, K3, P2 rib).  I also spent Sunday afternoon making a snowflake bun cover for M to wear to ballet class… But you’ll need to wait until Friday to see that!

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Sleep, aeroplane, and snacktime.

1) A much appreciated lie-in, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa – thanks very much indeed!! 🙂

2) The sun is descending, but high above an aeroplane flies in full sunlight, its vapour trail drifting across the sky behind it.

3) She comes bearing fruit, crisps, biscuits, two mugs of tea and a big smile.  A welcome snack, given that dinner will not be for another two hours!

Cycle, hot air balloon, and line in the sky.

1) A and I cycle along the canal towpath to Linlithgow and back again this morning – about a 21km round trip – it was the perfect day for a ride, and it was lovely having some one-on-one time with my boy (who is growing up far too quickly!).

2) We watch as the enormous canopy slowly inflates, its rainbow of colours rising steadily upwards. Then the giant flame-throwers begin to warm the air, and the excited people climb into the basket. The tethers are removed, and gradually the great balloon drifts upwards into the sky.

3) The drive home is framed by a beautiful sunset – M asked “what’s that orange line in the sky?”, it was the vapour trail of a recent aeroplane.

Blue sky, hair cut, and cute girl

1) A solitary bird soars high in the evening sky – a graceful dancer on the breeze, highlighted against the pale blue sky.

2) To lose rather a lot of hair – very suddenly.  My head feels deliciously light and cool!

3)  A cute girl appears downstairs “I still can’t get to sleep…”.  Just as well she is cute…!

Pancakes, peaceful, and sunlight.

1) Fresh pancakes, with raspberry sauce for breakfast = two satisfied children, and two satisfied grown-ups.

2) The afternoon wore on, quiet and peaceful, after a busy weekend.

3) The colour of the sky, in the half-hour before sunset, reminds me of the colour of our new car – silver-grey, with a hint of gold. It’s far prettier in the sky though! The lovely light soon transformed into the mauves and pinks and golds of a stunning sunset.

Ten minutes, watching, and fingerless gloves.

1) I discovered a spare ten minutes in an otherwise busy day, so I sat down and relaxed.

2) “I’m just going to watch the sunset, Mummy” says M, as we sit down for supper.

3) I’m really pleased with how these little fingerless glove are knitting up – I’ve never knitted gloves with separate fingers before, so this is a new one on me 🙂 . I’m also busy sewing a skirt for myself (gulp!) – it’s been a long time since I sewed a skirt, but after the success of the one I made for M and the lack of skirts I like in the shops, I’m feeling brave (or foolish…!).

Spring Project #3 Fingerless gloves

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Fundraising, family fun, and sunset.

1) Some friends of mine are taking part in Maggie’s Monster Bike & Hike in a few weeks time. They held a fundraising coffee morning today – such a wonderful atmosphere, and so much generosity from everyone who came – and raised over £700 towards their total, which will go towards supporting the work Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres do.

2) A quiet family afternoon… we played Frustration, and then had lots of fun introducing the kids to Twister!

3) Today’s sunset was glorious in all its phases. Blue sky faded out through mauves and lilacs, into pinks and greys, and finally into deepest indigo, and black with silvery stars.

Changeable, Christmas Fayre, and Finished Object Friday

1) The weather has shown us many faces today – we’ve had strong winds, skies so dark it seemed like night, freezing rain, sleet, hail, rainbows, calm blue skies, sunshine, and a beautiful sunset.

2) We stood, drinking coffee, and admired the school hall – transformed by an army of volunteers in readiness for the Christmas Fayre.

3) Everything I planned to make is finally complete in readiness for tomorrow’s Fayre, and for Megan’s school concert!

I don’t have any knitted Finished Objects for you today (although the hat is progressing), but I’ve made six mini-Christmas cakes, five Christmas Fruit Loaves, two batches of brownies (all for the school Christmas Fayre) and an elf outfit (Megan is to be an elf for her class concert). Do they count?

Six mini-Christmas cakes

Five Christmas Fruit Loaves

One very cute Christmas Elf

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