Snow, happy, and anticipation!

1) The rain clears, and the Ochils become visible for the first time in several days. In the sunlight I realise that the hills have been dusted with a fine sprinkling of snow – the first of winter!

2) A arrives at the car at lunchtime, full of smiles and happy. He’s had a good morning. 🙂

3) I’m off to pack!  We’re going away for the weekend, and I can’t wait!

Tidied, walking in the sun, and reading.

1) The kids and I tidied the “Art Cupboard” (really the under-stair cupboard containing all the craft/art supplies, plus various items of kitchen paraphernalia, and the ironing board, vacuum cleaner, brooms and so forth). It was a fairly mammoth task, but we all felt good when it was done.

2) We walked to the library, enjoying the sunshine, after a day of heavy rain.

3) The kids had been arguing a fair bit today, but at the end of the day they both settled happily (and quietly!) into bed for silent reading time – both engrossed in their new library books 🙂 .

Shade, working out, and curling up.

1) We walked the reverse of our normal route which, being the lower part of the walk, had the pleasing consequence of shading our eyes from the sun. Then we walked back along the canal, with the sun warming our backs. It was such a lovely day, we walked the extra long way to the cafe!

2) I was tired and distracted this afternoon, whilst trying to work out how much material I would need to buy.  Then I had a moment of inspiration and said to my nine year old “if I need eight pieces of material with these dimensions, and the bolt of material is this wide, how much material do I need to buy?”.  Then I sat and diligently covered his homework jotter (that’s exercise book, to the non-Scots amongst you!), and he solved my problem in approximately the same length of time 🙂 .  I love watching how his brain works.

3) To curl up on the sofa at the end of a busy day, followed by a busy evening 🙂 .

Shiny, company, and Monday night out.

1) Today has been a day of extremes… one moment the sky is shiny and bright, the next almost as black as night.  Then back to shiny and bright. But the sudden torrential downpours leave everything drenched, which then glisten in the sunlight and the contrast makes everything seem even brighter than before.

2) K works from home today, and the kids are at school.  It’s nice to have a lunchtime companion.

3) An unexpected evening out to look forward to – my friend is celebrating her 33.33333rd birthday 🙂 .

Burning through, symmetry, and FO Friday.

1) The world this morning was shrouded in a sea haar so thick it almost seemed to be raining. Within an hour, the sun had burned through and the day became sunny and bright.

2) Aidan is symmetrical again – he lost his eigth tooth this morning, the partner to the one which came out a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if whose relief was greater, after the last 24hours of crying and refusing to eat, his or mine!!

3) I finally finished Summer Project #2, the Summery String Bag! I think it took me almost as long to sew on the binding as it did to knit the entire bag, but the knit itself was easy and fun… now to find a beach to visit!

Summer Project #2 Summery String Bag

From Debbie Bliss, The Knitter’s Year, and knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK.

For more of today’s Finished Objects, I’m off to Tami’s Amis

Communication, outside, and hat

1) She sent a note via M to let me know that she’d found someone else to go on the trip, which meant I’ll be able to go to M’s class Open Afternoon tomorrow afternoon.

2) To sit out in the sunshine sipping icy-cold sparkling water with lime, listening as the kids enjoyed eating tea out on deck, while we caught up on a couple of week’s worth of news.

3)  The cool shadiness of a big floppy hat – welcome relief from the heat of the sun.

Sunshine, all planned out, and supper.

1) Walking in the afternoon sunshine with a friend.

2) Planning dinner for K and I, and realising that I have ingredients to hand for any one of five different interesting dinners – chicken & chorizo paella (already in the freezer); fajitas (this is what we had); pumpkin, blue cheese and pecan tart (pumpkin is already roasted and frozen, and I’ve made poppyseed pastry which is in the fridge); aubergine and mozarella pasta (quick and easy), or jollof rice with fried plantains (a new discovery to us, and so delicious). I’m only writing them down so I remember then for the next four nights…!

3) Baking plantains with cinnamon and orange juice for supper…

On the way, home and dry, and true colours.

1) A arrives home from a visit to Grandpa’s with a couple of print-outs, and a very smiley face… The piece of homework isn’t yet done, but is well on the way :-).

2) I enjoy a long walk on a lovely sunny morning. As I’m relaxing with a cuppa on my arrival home, I glance up to notice the sky has suddenly darkened, and moments later it’s pouring with rain.

3) The closed tulips, which were orange yesterday, have now begun to open revealing red petals fringed with golden yellow.