Quiche, sitting, and knitting (WIP Wednesday)

1) Now that I can’t source our favourite quiche anymore, I decided that we needed to have a go at creating our own version: poppyseed shortcrust pastry, filled with crumbly feta, wilted spinach, caramelised onions, mature cheddar, creamy savoury custard and topped with roasted red peppers and toasted pinenuts… Dinner was good.

2) As A enjoyed his skiing lesson, I spent a quiet hour sitting in the car listening to the radio, knitting, and watching as the clouds played hide and seek with the Ochils.

3) I’ve been working on a couple of new knitting projects this week – the first is the second of my three Spring Projects. It’s a baby cardigan, and the first item I’ve done created entirely in moss stitch. It makes for fairly dense knitting, but it’s good fun, and I’m nearly finished with the back…

Spring Project #2: Baby cardigan

I’ve also cast-on for a Silky Lacy Scarf, using Rowan Kidsilk Haze, in the Majestic colourway. I’ve just started it, but I love it already 🙂 .

For more of today’s Works-In-Progress, check out Tami’s blog

Purple-headed mountains, catching up, and easy option.

1) The Ochils had been painted a beautiful deep purple colour this morning. The children spotted this and were delighted.

2) To scale Mount Crease, and re-populate the clothes drawers.

3) To realise that we had a simple pasta supper option, as well as the more prolonged stir-fry option, at the end of a day which was somewhat more fraught than I’d originally anticipated.

Lunch, beautiful world, and making…

From Saturday:

1) Megan and Keith make potato pancakes for lunch – they were simple, yet delicious.

2) We did a fair amount of driving around yesterday – just running errands – and the journey’s were punctuated by one or other of the children exclaiming how beautiful the world around us was. I agreed – snow-capped hills, sunshine, shadows, blue skies – gorgeous.

3) We spend the evening making goodies for Christmas presents – caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, a double-quantity batch of tablet, oh and a cheesecake. Yum!

Are these our kids? A lovely vista and a summer evening.

I seem to be a day out at the moment, but here’s yesterday’s 3BT…

1) We visited House of the Binns yesterday, and the tour guide managed to hold the children’s attention for the entire duration of a tour lasting over an hour. She was excellent, and the kids behaved so beautifully.

2) The view across the River Forth, with Blackness Castle in the foreground, and the Ochils in the background.

3) We sat on the deck, in the sunshine and warmth, sipping ice-cold G&T’s as the kids played in the garden with a friend and dinner cooked on the barbecue.

Pretty fabric, the phone rings and dramatic skies.

1) A while ago, a friend gave Megan some beautiful Oriental fabric – there wasn’t enough to make into a skirt, so I made this instead…

2) I’m in the kitchen when the phone rings. I nearly start the usual dash to pick it up in the hall, when I realise that I don’t need to do that anymore – K installed another phone in the kitchen yesterday 🙂 .

3) The skies above the Ochils looked ominous out east, streaky clouds in shades of smoky-grey through violet and out to darkest black, but as I changed direction and looked west, there was Ben Cleuch, silhouetted against pale blue skies, with only a few white wispy clouds.

Two brave children and a new colour

1) There were no tears this morning as I dropped A at school 🙂 🙂 . So proud of him.

2) There were no tears this afternoon when I picked up M from school – despite a sustaining a nasty fall in the playground at lunchtime today. She’s been very brave 🙂 .

3) The Ochils were green today! I love them in their many varied moods – purple, brown, in shadow, shrouded in mist, white with snow… But, unusually, this morning I glanced their direction and realised that they were sun-bright and covered with spring-green.

Cake, Light and Dry!

1) I teach a friend to make chocolate cake – the result tastes fab 🙂 .

2) Once again, the quality of light bathing the Ochils lifts my spirits – the combination of dark hail-filled cloud across the valley, with a break in the cloud allowing a glimmer of sunlight to touch the hills…

3) The hailstones and torrential rain stop, just long enough for me to pick the kids up from school.

Light, brownies, and planning

Didn’t have time yesterday to get on and blog, but here are yesterday’s three beautiful things…

1) The light hits the Ochils, leaving the summits in shadow, making for a very dramatic scene.

2) Chocolate brownies, still warm from the oven.

3) K and I move furniture around, and come up with a new arrangement that we both really like… needs a trip to IKEA though, so we put it all back again afterwards!

A sunset, a sight and a big splash!

1) A truly beautiful day yesterday – Petticur Beach (a west-facing beach) on the east coast of Scotland (10 years ago it was the east coast of England). And we watched the sun go down together. Ten years ago it was just the two of us. This time there were four of us. Then a wonderful meal out – gorgeous food, superb service, and many thanks to my brother for his babysitting services 🙂 .

2) Driving A to school from Linlithgow this morning had the additional bonus of the Ochils at their glorious best – blue skies, bright sunlight shining on the snow-capped hills – I can’t think of a better start to the day!

3) Watching A jump, almost without hesitation, into the swimming pool during his lesson today. He did it several times trying various different jumps – wow! A few short weeks ago, and he would never have done that – he’s conquering his fear. Very proud Mummy moment.

Mail, No demands and the Ochils

No pics today, but some beautiful things nonetheless:

1) K sorting through the pile of mail which has accumulated over the last couple of weeks.

2) Fifteen minutes of blissful non-demanding quiet as I wandered round the library alone this afternoon.

3) The rose-gold sunlight bathing the snow-covered Ochils, clear all the way to Ben Cleuch, at sunrise and sunset – these hills have always spelled “home” to me, and today they were glorious 🙂 .