Happy skin, in time, and tired.

1) I’ve been putting an intensive moisturiser on my hands at bedtime the last couple of nights. After slathering it on, I put on a pair of cotton gloves.  After only two nights, my skin is feeling much happier, and the eczema is finally calming down.

2) I was a little late in leaving to pick the kids up from school this afternoon, but a brisk walk cleared my mind and even though I was late, I still arrived before the kids got out of class.

3) I’m tired, after a busy day and a long evening meeting. I don’t feel like blogging this evening, but I did anyway, and when K calls down from upstairs asking me if I’m coming to bed.  The answer is yes.

Jelly, flying, and sleep.

From yesterday:

1) We spend a morning visiting friends. They get the kids making their own homemade pizzas for lunch, followed by raspberry jelly.  M (who is something of a jelly fiend!) was blissfully happy!

2) S lets A play with his Flight Gear – they fly over Isle of Skye and Mull. A is enthralled.

3) By bedtime, A isn’t feeling too well, and M is exhausted following her late night the previous night. I put them to bed and implore them to be kind to each other, and themselves, and let each other go to sleep.  Five minutes later, they are both out for the count.

Stolen time, across the years, and missing Daddy.

1) I pop by to give some Christmas gifts to a friend. She was surrounded by bags and boxes, getting ready to go on holiday. But we snatched a quick half hour for a cuppa and catch-up (which included a delicious baby cuddle, and a toddler chat). It was good.

2) To go for coffee with a friend (she lives on another continent and I haven’t seen her in many years), and to meet her gorgeous little girl for the very first time.

3) It’s late, and M is still awake. She’s missing her Daddy too much to sleep 🙁 .  The computer is on, so I hit Call on the Skype screen. A few moments later K answered the call and she had a lovely chat – I don’t think she had quite realised that, despite the distance and time difference, talking to Daddy could be that simple and immediate. She went back to bed a much happier little girl 🙂 .

Proud, Sleep, and bed.

1) Mum and I went to watch M at her ballet class Parent’s Day this afternoon.  We were both extremely impressed with her dancing, and then extremely surprised and proud at the end when she was awarded the class trophy for the most improved child 🙂 .

Megan Ballet TrophyMy graceful girl

2) Neither child could get to sleep this evening – both were lying quietly, but wide-awake long past their bedtime. So I produced warm milk, and read a story, and dimmed the lights, and put some music on.  They were both sound asleep next time I checked.

3) A hot cup of tea, in a cosy warm bed. A lovely end to a busy day.

Recipe, silver moon, and sleeping.

1) I went to look for a recipe, only to discover that it had been lost when the hard drive crashed a while back. After a bit of hunting, I discovered that I’d emailed a copy to a friend.  Problem solved 🙂 , and eight cakes are now in the oven.

2) As the sun began to set, the moon rose silver-bright in the pink late afternoon sky.

3) She was tired, and snuggled up in bed, even though her brother was still out at Cubs. Within moments she was sound asleep.

Early, warm enough, and fireworks.

1) K is up and away early to catch a flight this morning. I wake long enough to bid him good journey, then snuggle down into the warmth of my bed, and sleep for another two hours.

2) It’s not too cold, and I walk home at sunset, enjoying the colourful sky.

3) We drive up to the top of the hill, and sit a while watching multiple glorious displays of fireworks spanning across the whole valley.

Sleeping in, silence, and diagnosis.

From Thursday:

1) M crawls sleepily from her bed… “I like sleeping in Mummy!” she says.

2) The moment when I bring the car to a halt in the driveway, turn the engine off, and listen as silence finally descends – a simple forty minute drive home had turned into a two and a half hour nightmare.

3) The appointment with the specialist was worth it all though – at last a diagnosis, and a treatment plan, which the specialist feels confident will resolve the long-term shoulder problem I’ve had 🙂 .

Bread, milk and sleepy.

1) A small piece of fresh granary bread still hot from the oven was just begging to be eaten. So I did. It was very good!

2) Warm milk, sweet, and scented with vanilla, cinnamon and fresh-grated nutmeg. Dinner was fairly early, and we’re both hungry. So I make rice pudding for supper.

3) Sleepy kisses from sleepy children, when I tiptoe in to whisper goodnight, after I get home from my meeting.

On time, it’s okay, and to bed.

1) I make the train, and I didn’t even have to run!

2) We walk, and we talk. And it doesn’t seem to matter very much that it rained the whole time.

3) By bedtime I’m feeling tired, and my nose is all stuffy.  I’m glad to know that I have a warm cosy bed, and a hot drink awaiting me upstairs.  G’night xx