Pyjamas, murmuration, and spotted.

1) M skipped out of school this afternoon… In great excitment, she said “Mummy, Mummy! Guess what? We’re allowed to wear our pyjamas to school on Friday [for Children In Need], but we have to pay 50p!! Please can I? Can I?”!!

2) A spotted a murmuration this afternoon on the way home from school.  “Look! Mummy, Megan! Look at the birds!!”.

3) I found the camera before I even started looking for it! I’d gone out to look in the car boot for something completely different (which wasn’t there), when I spotted the camera hidden away. I brought it in, reflecting as I did so, that I was very grateful that I’d found it, because I had been planning to use it later in the day and I really don’t think that I would have thought to look in the boot tidy for it!

Blue sky, hair cut, and cute girl

1) A solitary bird soars high in the evening sky – a graceful dancer on the breeze, highlighted against the pale blue sky.

2) To lose rather a lot of hair – very suddenly.  My head feels deliciously light and cool!

3)  A cute girl appears downstairs “I still can’t get to sleep…”.  Just as well she is cute…!

Woodpecker, puzzle, and surgery.

From Tuesday:

1)  A beautiful spotted woodpecker graces the bird feeder – I momentarily wished for my camera, but then decided to just enjoy the spectacle instead.

2) M and I had lots of fun completing her jigsaw puzzle 🙂 .

3) As you saw from my post on Thursday, my umbrella tree was about to take over the dining room.  So we performed drastic action, and it now looks like this:

Not quite rain, chorus, and time out.

1) The atmosphere is cool and damp with North Sea haar as we walk to school. “It’s a pale rain”, said M. I think her description of the almost-but-not-quite rain that we are experiencing is very apt.

2) As I work the back door is open, and I work to a chorus of birdsong.

3) I find a spare ten minutes to read my book. It’s valuable downtime, in an otherwise hectic day.

Taking flight, handing over, and next week.

1) The birds have been enjoying both the peanuts in the bird feeder, and our newly scarified lawn. Everytime I go out to the garage, a flock of birds take flight. They soon come back though, as soon as I am safely inside.

1a) They also seem to be enjoying this damp weather – as I’m out for a walk, I realise I am walking to birdsong.

2) I’m tired tonight, and I’m glad K is there with the energy to kid-wrangle and get them into bed.

3) With our walk postponed because of weather for the second week running, my friend announces that next week we will meet no matter what, even if we just end up going out for a cuppa and a catch-up.

Walking, a day at school, and contrast.

1) A long walk past fields full of sheep and lambs, flocks of birds take to wing as I pass by, and bunny rabbits hop across the road in front of me…

2) A regales me with stories of his day at school – I’m very impressed with how they’re learning about the “real world” – they were asked to identify their key strengths, and then “apply for a job” working in the area they feel they are best suited to. Then, in their team, they had to choose a facilitator for the group, and work out the detail of the tasks they need to perform. School sounds much more fun than it used to be!

3) I tried a variation on Primrose Bakery’s Blueberry and Polenta Cupcakes. I omitted the blueberries, instead adding small pieces of frozen lemon curd to the mix, thereby creating Lemon and Polenta cupcakes. Soft gooey mouthfuls of lemon provide a delicious contrast to the almost crunchy texture of the cupcakes – yum!

Walk to school, skiing, and WIP Wednesday.

1) Pale pink blossom speckles brown branches, golden daffodils sway in the breeze, gardens bloom with spring-bright colours, I walk to the sound of bird song, and a flock of geese, arranged in perfect V-formation, fly overhead.

2) He doesn’t feel like going skiing today but does regardless, and comes away from his lesson flushed with success of improvement, having heard words of praise from his instructor.

3) I’ve been beavering away on my Spring Project #2 (a baby cardigan), and in odd moments managed a row or two on my lacy scarf – the scarf is likely to be a long term project, but with the back and one side of the front of the cardigan finally completed, and the second side about half-way there, I’m hoping to have an FO to show you come Friday!

Tami’s got links to lots of today’s Works-in-Progress, if you’d like to check some more out!

Walking, recipe, and the start of the process.

1) We go for a walk along the canal this morning. It’s not too windy, nor too cold. And it’s not wet either. In fact, it was just right. We hear the birds singing in the trees.

2) I experiment with a new recipe this evening – Nick Nairn’s filo flan, topped with tomatoes, courgette, feta cheese, pine nuts and the yummy pesto I made at the weekend. The flavours were absolutely delicious! Next time I plan to use the topping as a pasta sauce to make a more substantial meal.

3) To stand and look round the attic and to plan how to tackle the job of tidying it up. Then to kick-start the process – four boxes down. And most importantly, we know where to start the next time we go up there 🙂 .

Not so hard, new bird feeder, and success.

Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn’t have time to blog… So from Monday:

1) To finally start a new project, and discover it’s a whole lot less complicated (and much more do-able) than I originally thought.

2) I love my new bird feeder (the storms of the last couple of weeks finally caused the demise of the old one) – lovely to hear bird song again as I went into the back garden.

3) I accomplished more than I thought possible yesterday – a very good feeling.